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Becca - Humans of Camp America


My camp experience was amazing. I mean why wouldn't it have been I've been called "Biscuit" for the past two summers!

My toughest experience at camp was my very first week of training at camp, I think it was 5 days after I flew to America, I found out the heartbreaking news that my grandad had passed away. I was surrounded by people I had just met but the amount of support I received off my new camp family was amazing! I just proves that your camp friends turn into your family while your there very quickly! Camp defiantly made a stronger person.

However I have too many good memories to write but the best week was the final week of camp... Colour wars/ prank week! Being woken up at 3am to go and TP another unit, or waking up to campers trying to fill your tent with balloons! Then trying to function the next day on 4 hours sleep! Everyone gets so competitive with colour wars it's such a good atmosphere. Or the crazy talent shows, I was dressed in a bin bag being covered in chocolate sauce, marshmallow fluff... Being turned into a smorè... Just a normal Thursday. 

Camp soon became my second home and I had the best summer, then retuned the next year! I mean who else would run Biscuit World.... 

Becca - Camp Grove Point (2014/2015)