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Answers for a placed applicant!


Backpack or suitcase? 

This is like asking us how long a piece of string is…sorry! Go with personal preference; it’s a marmite situation in the sense of what some may prefer, others think opposite!

How much money shall I take? 

Again, how long is a piece of string? We promise this FAQ page will be more helpful soon, but it’s true…we don’t know what kind of person you are. 
We asked our office staff and we’ve come up with a range of $150-$600 spending money. $150 for those who can control themselves in Walmart and $600 for those who can’t!! 

Think about how much time you have off camp and any travel plans afterwards; what do you want to experience? Where do you want to go? 

ADVICE - if you work on a day camp, you’ll receive more time off, so definitely consider taking more!
Our best recommendation is to try and avoid spending too much money during your time at camp, save it for your travelling - you’ll soon be glad you did!
Either way, all applicants are advised to arrive in the US with at least $150 cash.

How/when will I get paid? 

It’s worth reaching out to your camp regarding this. Some camps will pay on a regular basis via cheques, cash or onto a form of card, whereas some may just pay one lump sum at the end of camp. It’s definitely worth asking as when you get paid may help with your decision on how much money you need to take!

How can I find people on the same camp as me? 

You are more than welcome to tweet us @campamerica69 or join the facebook group and let us know which camp you’re going to - if anyone is going to the same camp, we’re sure they’ll respond and let you know! Otherwise, stay tuned for our Participant Zone online (added later in the year) and you can reach out that way. Also, reach out to your camp director; many camps will send out a staff list via email, or create their own Facebook page sometime before the summer, and these are the perfect way to start reaching out and getting to know others!

Will I be travelling alone? 

That is highly unlikely! Every year, we send thousands of applicants to the US which means for the months of May and June, we flood the airports with excitable, Camp America applicants. Social media or the participant zone is again, a perfect way to reach out and try to find other people on your flight and if there’s other internationals on your camp, it’s more than likely they’ll be on the same flight as you! The journey to camp is one of the best parts of the experience - you may meet other Camp America applicants, who aren’t on your camp, but become that good friends with them in such a short space of time and end up travelling after camp together! 

When will I get my flight details? 

Flight details will be posted on the flights page of your Camp America account so please check this regularly for updates. We will try to confirm your full flight details as soon as possible, however these may not be available until 2 weeks before you are due to depart for camp, don’t worry though we will be working on this for you! Your flight date will be based on your start date at camp so you can expect to fly either on this date or the day before.

How will I get to camp? 

As you’re taking a Camp America flight, we will also give you full details about what to do when you land in the US on the flights page of your account. We will be coordinating this information based on your flight arrival information and directly with your camp so this may not be available for you to view until approximately a week before you fly. If your camp is asking for you to enter your arrival plans on their forms and this is not yet viewable for you, please just note that you are travelling with Camp America. If you have any questions about this, you can always contact us on [email protected]

What about my return flight?


Full return flight information will be available in the New Year (March/April onwards) as we start to finalise our flight bookings. You will need to select the date you would like to fly home from the US before you depart for camp and your return flight will be from a New York airport (a great excuse to spend some time in NYC!). We know it may be hard to confirm your return flight date before camp as you may not know your plans but if you’re unsure make sure to speak with other international counsellors at your camp – these are the ones who you will most likely end up travelling with and hopefully you can all plan something together.
Once you have chosen your return flight date it is unlikely this is able to be changed without a penalty fee as it will have been booked. Depending on your departure airport there may be the option to upgrade your return flight to give you more flexibility on choosing your date and flying from other airports, full information will be available on the return flight page of your CA account when our return flights go live for booking (most likely from March onwards).

When will I get my insurance details? 

Insurance details are available on the insurance section of your Camp America account as soon as your placement is confirmed. In regard to the billing of your insurance fees, this should be added as soon as we have the updated insurance policy, which is likely to be around February time. 

When do I have to pay the remainder of my balance? 

We advise you to pay any remaining balance as and when it appears on your online account, so we can ensure everything is processed and given to you in time for your departure to the USA! 

How do I sort my visa? 

This is nothing for you to worry about at this stage. As soon as your application is fully processed and we receive the relevant documents from the embassy and our US office, we will send you your visa pack (to the address given on your application, so please ensure this is up to date). The information provided in this pack will give you a step by step guide on how to sort your visa! 
Do I get a free t-shirt?

Unfortunately, this year we are unable to provide free Camp America t-shirts, but don’t worry! Many camps provide you with at least one staff t-shirt…anyway, one less t-shirt means more room in your luggage!

What do I need to take? 

Stay tuned! We will send you an email with our insight into the ultimate packing list and your camp may even send you their own!

Can I contact home at camp?

You can! It’s likely you won’t be allowed your phone when you’re around the campers, but you’ll have time off during the day and days off where you can check in on home and fill them in on all the fun you’re having! We’ll send a separate email on information regarding contacting home, closer to your departure date! 

How do I prepare?  

You need to watch all orientation material provided on your online Camp America account. Then there’s not much else to do other than sit, relax and take it all in during orientation week at camp!
If you want to be super prepared, maybe do extra research on your camp; find out more on day to day life, the local area, your role at camp and you could even be 'extra' and start thinking of some games and activities you could take! Nothing quite like a bit of preparation to make you stand out from the crowd! 

What should I expect?

To have the best summer of your life!