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Anna - Humans of Camp America


I should definitely mention the fact that I imagined my camp to be more…rustic looking? However, when I first got there I was amazed about the look; everything was so clean and pretty, yet simple. I understood that either I'm really lucky or I have wrong stereotypes about camps. I imagined that I would make some friends at camp, but I did not prepare myself for the fact that everyone from the staff turned out to be really friendly and I got to know all of them, not just some.

I did travel after camp and it was really fun, because, although I travelled completely alone, I had gotten so confident about myself talking to people I do not even know that I wasn't scared and I had the best time of my life! Really, before camp, I wouldn't even want to go to the shop without any help or anything. I always wanted to "hide in someone's shadow", but not anymore! I can make friends easier and believe in myself more, making me more confident and strong. I know that I'm good with kids and now I accept compliments more than I did before. Please don't get me wrong, I still get shy and I certainly wouldn't say that I become more egoistic or anything. I just really wanted to say that I suggest this programme especially if you want to improve your social skills and be more confident about yourself! 

​Camp Timberlane - 2016