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Amie - Humans of Camp America


My camp type was a special needs camp. I believe this was the best camp for me because I was able to offer the skills that I already had with working with children with special needs. During my time at camp I felt proud of myself as I took up a challenge that I knew would be hard but at the same time I was gaining experiences and learning new skills that would benefit me in later life.

During Camp I had two campers that were diagnosed with down syndrome. They were two incredible and smart boys and they were always smiling. This year was both of their last year at camp during kids week, therefore I wanted to ensure they participated in all outdoor and indoor activities and that they had the summer of a lifetime.

At first they were both shy so I made sure they participated in all activities and introduced them to other campers so that they were comfortable with the surroundings of camp. They left the week feeling overwhelmed and happy that they came during that week. It was a pleasure to be their camp counsellor because not only did they allow me to provide them with the best camp experience, they taught me multiple lessons on how enjoy camp and made me feel like a kid again.

Camp taught me how to take opportunities that can only be taken once. It allowed me to become a new person and see things differently to how I saw them before. Seeing as I love travelling, it was something new and different. I would definitely do camp again and again.

If you are considering in participating in Camp America DO IT! It's a once in a lifetime experience that will make a change in you and the way you view life. I wouldn't change anything about camp last year and I've decided to take part in Camp once again this year at a different special needs camp.

I felt working with children with special needs changed my outlook on life because I felt that I was giving back to children that didn't always have the chance to experience camp life.

Amie - Elks Camp Moore & Camp Hemlocks (2016/17)