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Alex - Humans of Camp America


''I decided to apply to Camp America because I saw it as a great opportunity to experience America while working with children. I had heard of Camp America from teachers and family who all had positive experiences and I also attended a info session where any questions I had were answered.

I was super excited for camp after watching loads of videos before I left. Camp was exactly what I expected; fun, new experiences and friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

I would recommend the programme to others because of how simple it makes it all. The thought of having to find a camp, organise my flights, medical insurance and get a visa all by myself would have been daunting. The fact that Camp America sorts out everything for you and offers so much support along the way gives you peace of mind that help is always available.

Camp taught me so much. I would say the biggest things it taught me is always be yourself and do things because you love them not because you get told to do them.

I would say, go for it - the chance to work and travel abroad is something that everybody should try. The experience is a great thing to look back on.''