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9 reasons American do Halloween better than Brits


1. Pumpkin Picking requires a day off work and the whole family involved..

We, on the other hand didn't even realise Pumpkin picking was an actual activity, and always wondered where our mum found them. 

2. Once they've found the perfect one, it slowly turns into a scene of The Hunger Games to decide who can carve that perfect Pumpkin that gets to sit outside their door. (Spoiler alert - they'll all be incredible and will all sit outside their door). 

Our Pumpkin carving (the small amount of us who do it) results in us being left embarassed and unsatisfied with our work. 

3. They create mouth watering food such as Pumpkin Pie and even Pumpkin fries! Pumpkin fries! 

Wait, what? People actually make food out of Pumpkins?! 

4. Every store ever will include Halloween themed food and drink, meaning a Pumpkin spiced Latte will be the best seller of the week.

We're lucky if our Starbucks even branch out to a Gingerbread Latte for Christmas.. 

5. The Halloween outfits have been being planned, designed and made for the past 364 days, and never disappoint. 

We will dress up for Halloween by sticking some ears on our head and whiskers on our nose. And that is making an effort. 

6. Walking down a random street in the USA is the equivalent to heading to Thorpe Parks Fright Night, except Fright Night still won't be as well decorated. 

7. They have Halloween PARADES. Enough said. 

8. Trick or treating involves the whole family and the pet rabbit, and they're likely to take away from each house the entire contents of Hershey World. 

They even carry their candy in a PILLOWCASE, and it'll get completely filled up. We're lucky if we come away with a single fruit pastel.. 

9. Halloween parties are the event of the year. 

The odds of being invited to a Halloween party in the UK are probably the same as winning the lottery.

So, go all out this Halloween!! Embrace the awkwardness and blame it on Camp America..