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8 reasons why being a Camp Counsellor is the best thing you'll ever do


I remember reading about being a camp counsellor as I was filling out my Camp America application almost 2 years ago. I read that it is “the toughest job you will ever love.” It wasn’t until after 2 summers of laughter, tears and many water fights that I realised how true this statement really is. But, It is the best thing I have ever done and I want to convince anyone who is considering applying to the programme to go ahead and do it.

Here are 8 reasons why it will be the best thing you ever do.

1. You get to form amazing friendships with people from all over the world! 

These friendships will no doubt last a lifetime and you would travel half the world just for the chance to squeeze them again. It’s amazing how quickly people go from complete strangers to your best friends. Best friends that you laugh and gossip with, stargaze with and spend hours making friendship bracelets for. 

2. You get to meet so many amazing kids

The campers are what makes camp what it is. You watch them grow every day and appreciate what an important role camp plays in their lives. You get to inspire every one of them and find that they inspire you. They make you friendship bracelets and write you sweet notes. These are the moments you will never forget.  

3. You get to work in an office that looks like this...

Spending a summer outdoors in such a beautiful setting is incredible! 

4. You get to try new things and build your skills. 

No matter what camp you are at it will have amazing activities. It is also amazing to   watch your campers grow in confidence and try new activities! 

5. You get to wear baggy clothes every day and NEVER have to worry what your hair looks like. 

You wear no makeup, shower more in the bay than in an actual shower... and are more tanned than you've ever been your life! After 3 months, even your tan will have a tan...

6. You get to spend your days off surrounded by amazing people...

...and eating as many peanut butter based foods as possible!

7. You get to become the best version of yourself

Living so far from home really helps you grow in confidence and independence. You get to be yourself and nobody ever judges you as you dance on your chair at every meal - no matter how silly you look!

8. You get to travel!

Even after camp is over the adventure never ends, as you get to explore America with your new best friends. Making memories that will still be there long after your tan has faded. 

So, it may be the ‘toughest job you ever love’ - as you sleep 6 hours a night, randomly burst into tears for no apparent reason and get told something heart breaking every other day. But this experience will make you feel more like yourself than ever and allow you to discover new things about yourself. You will feel more at home than ever and cry endlessly when you eventually have to leave. 

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