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6 reasons Camp America is an affordable gap year option


1. 9 weeks food and accommodation

Yep, you heard it right. You’ll have food and accommodation covered the entire time you’re on camp and working! No need to book hostels or hotels, no need to wonder how much your lunch will cost today - at camp, it’s all covered. The best part? Food in America is very extra. We mean, your breakfast could include 3 pancakes, 4 doughnuts and a full fry up, meaning you’ll be left full for the next two weeks. Don’t forget snacks, and the ice cream store too. Hey, you need to set an example for the kids and make sure they eat their meals, right?! 

2. America is 10 countries in one 

Gap years are full of new countries and new adventures. When heading to America for the summer, you’ll get to tick so many items off your bucket list and be amazed that you’re still in the same country! Theme parks? Got them. Mountains & National Parks? Yup. Beaches? Those too. And let’s not forget incredible cities like NYC. The USA really does have it all and is super easy to get around! With your 30 days travel at the end of your visa, the list of dream destinations is endless. 

3. The activities are free

When you're travelling around the world, the cost for activities can be pretty pricey. Water-skiing, Zip-Lining, Canoeing - you can do all of these on your gap year BUT camp is the only place you can do them for free. At camp, you'll try tonnes of new activities every day and get paid for it. "Oh, do I HAVE to go go-karting again? If I have to..."

4. Americans are veryyyy hospitable 

When you’re travelling, budgets are tight and any way that you can wrangle yourself some free food or accommodation, you’ve gotta take it. Americans are some of the most hospitable people you’ll come across - so much so that you’ll find your new camp friends will be fighting over who gets the Brit for dinner. When going to camp, you never have to worry about finding a place to stay at the weekends or when you’re travelling afterwards because you’ll have so many people who will be lining up to offer their home to you – and their fridge.

5. Make friends around the world

Camp America recruits in 20+ countries, meaning that when you head to camp, you’re going to make friends with the world. Camp is the perfect place to make friends for a lifetime and these bonds will last forever. Making friends all over the globe means that when your travels continue outside camp and all over, you’ll have so many friends to visit, sofas to sleep on and new places to be shown around! There’s not much better than your own personal tour guide. There’s nothing camp counsellors love more than having their fellow international staff come visit them - so make the most of it and stay on their sofa for a day, a week, a month…

6. Cheap transport options

Getting around the USA is extremely easy. With cheap bus companies such as Megabus and Greyhound, you could be in another state for just $1! Not only that, but hostels using are reasonably priced and we won’t lie, the food is pretty well priced for the portion sizes you get too… okay, we’ll stop talking about food now.

With Camp America, you know what you’re getting. We offer an all inclusive package with no hidden fees so we’re the perfect gap year option. Our applications are OPEN, so get your summer sorted and spend next year in the sun, having the time of your life!