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5 things you will experience and gain at camp this summer!


Hey everybody, the countdown is nearly over .. 

Hope you’re ready for yet another post from little ol’ me!

Since being chosen to be a Storyteller for Camp America this summer, I’ve had SOO many messages asking me about my experience, how it was for me and what I gained from camp. So I thought instead of keep saying the same thing over and over which I don’t mind (if you do have questions about the process, what to expect etc feel free to message me on insta @amyjaneevelyn_rossiter) but I just want to cover 5 things I know you’ll experience/gain this summer.

1. You’ll gain a new family you never knew existed!

Possibly my favourite thing from camp, I went into thinking “yeah I’ll make friends, I’ll have a great summer & probably not talk to most of them again” .. BOYYYYY was I wrong; not only do the kids make a lasting impression on you but your co-counsellors, your camp assistant director/camp director, the kitchen staff do. You spend day in, day out for 3 months with these guys. They keep you sane in the hardest times, they cheer you up when you’ve had a tough day and keep you stay calm when your patience is wearing thin. They are your family.

2. You will cry and laugh ALOT!

I'm not a cryer, at all! I mean I genuinely don’t show my emotions (unless it’s a dog/horse then I laugh, cry, hyperventilate over its cuteness, jump around like a loon cause it’s showing me love .. ok sorry got off track). Trust me when I say you’ll cry and laugh ALOT, you will! You’ll have the funniest jokes - well at least you and your friends will think they are. They’ll know how to push your buttons (*cough* Arizona *cough*). It’s a stressful time and you’re bound to need a little cry but it’s also a joyful time and you’ll have a blast, you’ll laugh so hard your stomach will be in agony. LET IT ALL OUT!

3. You’ll see people at both their best and worst times. 

I wish I could tell you camp is one smooth ride but I can’t because I’d be lying and I can’t do that to my loyal readers. Camp is stressful, testing, amazing, crazy but most of all fun. There are bound to be times that everyone is a little stressed out whether it’s because of the kids or a job they need to do or even the other counsellors; hey, you’re together for 3 months straight. You just need to support and help each other as much as you can. Your all in the same boat, thousands of miles away from home.

4. You’ll become a version of you and learn things about yourself that you never knew existed. 

Camp is all about the challenge and giving to others, the biggest piece of advice I can give you is to take EVERY opportunity you get given and take it in your stride. It’s an amazing journey and at the end of it you’ll have learnt amazing things about yourself and become an even better version of yourself that you didn’t think was possible.

5. You will change AT LEAST 1 persons summer.

This will happen whether you are aware of it or not. I had a group of inner city girls for 3 days, the location they live in isn’t the best possible area, they may not get the chances most young people do but they got the chance to come to camp and I was lucky enough to be told by one of the young girls, that because of me and my co-counsellor she had a fantastic time and it was the highlight of her summer. Treasure every moment you have, put your absolute best in and just know that you’ve made a difference to AT LEAST one child.

Hand on heart, I couldn’t recommend a better thing to do for 3 months than apply for Camp America and make a difference to not only the kids but to myself. My confidence has grown SO MUCH thanks to camp, I’ve seen and done things I never thought I would and I’ve met people I never even knew existed but now have the best bond with, they’re family.

So go ahead click Camp America and apply now, what are you waiting for? It’ll be the best thing you do.

Bye for now guys, take care.

Amy xo

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