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5 reasons why camp is for EVERYONE!


  1. You get to do what you love

    With hundreds of camps across the states, each playing home to a range of different activities, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to spend your summer doing what you love. Whether you’re an aspiring Mary Poppins looking to expand on your childcare experience, wanting to share your creative mind in the arts department, get a buzz from extreme sports, or enjoy being at one with nature - camp is the place for you to be YOU! What’s not to love about spending 9 weeks doing what you love, in a new country and being able to share your passion with others?!

  2. You'll be relatable to at least one other person

    Every year, we send over 8000 international applicants to hundreds of camps across the USA, so it’s fair to say you’ll be in an environment where there’ll be a mixture of personalities, backgrounds and nationalities. Not only is this great because it opens everyone’s eyes to the world and it’s cultures, but it also allows camps to create a unique environment where you can be with like-minded people. Camp needs a mixture of staff personalities to be able to relate to the mixture of campers...if you’re loud and outgoing, you’ll help create the buzz of camp and encourage others to step out of their comfort zone. If you’re the quieter type, you’ll be appreciated by those kids who may take longer to come out of their shell and need moments of calmness and attentiveness.

  3. You get to develop your skills 

    Not only do you get to do what you love, there's also time throughout the summer (especially orientation week) where you get to try out everything camp has to offer; you may go to camp with 1 particular skill but you’ll come back with plenty of other 'tricks up your sleeve'...yes, even magic is an activity at camp! You’ll spend your summer gaining an invaluable experience without even realising - trust us when we say, interviews after camp will never be the same. Not only have you gained experience in a range of activities (and had fun whilst doing so) you’d have developed an extensive range of interpersonal skills that employers will want to snap up. Say hello to your new confident, motivated, responsible, dependable, leader-like self (we could go on, but we’ll stop there)!!

  4. You get to step out of your comfort zone

    Just encase spending the summer in a different country, away from family and friends isn’t enough, throw in the responsibility of; keeping hundreds of kids safe...having to comfort said kids when homesickness kicks in...being prepared to jump into a song and dance at any given request...having plan B, C, D in the bag at all times for any unexpected mishaps...the list goes on! You’ll spend your summer not only being a role model but being a parent, a friend, a coach, a clown, a nurse and a magician, all rolled into one - no one can prepare you for it but it’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done!

  5. You get to be yourself!! 

    One of our favourite things about camp (although we do have a lot)!
    The common goal at camp is to ‘have the best summer of our lives’ and by providing an environment where no matter who you are, or where you come from, people from all backgrounds come together as one big family and do just that! At camp, you get to be a reinvention of yourself and because everyone around you is doing the same, it’s the most positive, carefree, judgement free environment, that allows you to develop a strong sense of identity, transferable to everyday life.
    Camp makes a mark on everyone, but everyone makes a mark on camp, and that’s what’s most important. 

Be YOU, be the change