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5 IG accounts to follow if you want to work on a special needs camp!


Our applications open next month and we cannot wait to send more people to camp next year for our 50th summer!

This year we have hundreds of Camp America Storytellers sharing their camp experience on their social media accounts this summer. No matter what type of camp you want to work at or what role, there’s definitely a Storyteller for you.

Thinking about working on a Special Needs camp this summer? Not only are they extremely rewarding, but you also don’t need ANY prior experience and it really is lifechanging.

Here’s 5 Storytellers you should follow this summer if you’re thinking about working on a special needs camp:

1. Lewis - Camp Red Leaf. 

Lewis is a returner to Camp Redleaf this summer and will be joining the London Ambulance Service when he returns! He takes some epic photos so don’t miss his journey on Instagram and Twitter!

2. Jack - Camp Northwood. 

Jack is a 5th year returner to Camp Northwood and camp helped him realise he wanted to work in Special Education. He’s also an AMAZING Brand Manager who you’ll see around Northampton University with a CA t-shirt on! Follow him here. 

3. Rose - Camp Anne. 

Rose is from New Zealand and spending her first summer at Camp Anne in NY. Her hobbies include Rugby, Netball and Volleyball! Check out her Instagram page to keep up with her adventures.

4. Jade - Camp Merry Heart 

Jade is returning for a 2nd year to Camp Merry Heart this summer, and hopes to become a Primary School teacher one day specialising in Special Educational Needs. This year she’s most excited to be reunited with familiar faces! Follow her Instagram here. 

5. Ryan - Elks Camp Moore

Ryan, a returner to Elks Camp Moore is from Scotland and a support worker for vulnerable adults. He is super excited to return and made friends for life last year! If you want to follow his time at camp, click here. 

We have many more Storytellers working on Special Needs camps and other camp types ALL over the USA. Click here to follow their stories and to show you what life at camp is really like! #nofilter