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36 Things Only People Who Have Done Camp America Will Understand!


Worked on a summer camp in the USA? Then you’ll totally get this…

1. One friendship bracelet is just not enough!

2. The importance of colour war.

3. You CAN survive on 5 hours sleep!

4. Everything deserves a high five!

5. When you talk to a counsellor of the opposite sex and the entire camp immediately thinks you're in a relationship...

6. ...and before you know it, YOU ARE in a relationship. Awww!

7. But then you get home and realise you were wearing camp goggles ! #awks

8. You forget what it's like to feel clean and you don't care how you look, smell or act...

9. ...and jumping into the lake could be the only shower you have that day!

10. Feeling smug that you're a lifeguard and knowing that you're going to have the best tan on camp!

11. Telling the kdis you're tight with the Queen!

12. Knowing the Pledge of Allegiance better than your own National Anthem - thanks to flagpole!

13. Going nuts for "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"...

14. ...and s'mores! GIVE ME S'MORE!

15. A thunderstorm at camp results in complete loss of ALL fashion sense! Ponchos, rain hats, bin bags - you name it, if it will keep you dry, you'll use it!

16. All of a sudden you're tie dye and you actually kind of lit it...#swag

17.'re even rocking the Crocs and you just don't care! #MoreSwag

18. But SERIOUSLY - you're wearing CROCS!!!

19. Fancy dress is to be taken very seriously...

20. ...and as a lad, you'll end up wearing drag more than once over the summer!

21. Being male and British basically means you're One Direction..and even if you can't sing, you'll still end up in a boyband!

22. The frustration of trying to learn the cup song for the first time.

23. Having just 5 minutes to prepare a skit!

24. Singing BEFORE meals, AFTER meals AND during meals!

25. You CAN all fit into one car on a day off...

26. ...and you ARE allowed to get excited for your first trip to Walmart - eeeeeeeeek!

27. Getting dressed up for camp prom....

28. ...and the kids not recognising you, because you look all fancy!

29. Waking up to beautiful sunrises over the lake every morning...

30. ...and watching the sunset every evening!

31. Throughout the summer you go through EVERY type of emotion...

32. ...but when camp ends and it's time to go home - it's only tears!

33. When you're back home and that summer song comes on shuffle...

34. ...and your friends are sick of hearing your camp stories...

35. ...and you're living 10 months for 2...

36. ...there's only one thing for it! Sign up to Camp America TODAY and let the countdown to camp begin!