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20 Travel Apps for Your Camp America Summer!




At some point while you’re away, your mum, dad, brother, sister, dog etc. will want to talk to you and see how you are getting on across the pond. Make sure you download Skype to your phone and your family’s phone, before you go. If your dad struggles with technology as much as mine, make sure you show him how to use it before you go, or leave him some instructions.


2. Rebtel

Rebtel is another app to stay in touch with everyone at home and it doesn’t need wifi to make calls; instead it hijacks local phonelines so that you get cheap calling rates! If you get the app now, friends and family can even be called for free, if they have the app – until 2018.



Obviously while you are away, you will want to take some Instagram worthy snaps. To truly make your mates back in the UK jealous of your summer, download SnapSeed. This photo app will clean up your pics and make them the prettiest on Instagram!


Once you’ve hit up all the tourist spots on your weekend off, or on your travels after camp, it can be hard if you’re not with locals, to find something cool to do. Herepin is the perfect app for finding things to do or places to eat in your location. You can also set it to a different location to find things for a future destination.


Want to get to the other side of the States quickly? You’re going to have to fly, it’s really big. And one of the best apps for finding the cheapest deals on flights is SkyScanner. You can look for flexible dates, allowing you to see the cheapest day to fly. If you have more time there is always the Greyhound, which will be a lot cheaper (they have an app too)


6.Trip Mayor

Want to collect memories of your epic road trip or travels after camp? TripMayor is a great travel all-rounder. You can get tips from locals, or share your journey as you go.


If you are booking a lot of hotels, motels, activities, cars, flights; Expedia is great! On a roadtrip it’s perfect as it finds you the cheapest deals and the more you book the more you save!

8.Sit or Squat

Finding a bathroom while travelling can be quite difficult. Know that you can find a bathroom anywhere you go with this SitOrSquat app!

9. XE currency converter

Want to know how much your spending in pounds? The Xe currency converter is quick and easy and gives you exchange rates for a bunch of countries!


Netflix now allows you to download movies and TV shows straight to your mobile, so you can watch them offline! Obviously, you’ll need a Netflix account, but long plane rides are sorted with 17 seasons of TOWIE on offer.


One for those travel days after camp ; Detour provides audio walks that guide you around locations. Save your pennies on that expensive tour guide and just plug your earphones in!


If you are travelling with a bunch of mates, it can be difficult to split up prices of things! Well splittr makes it easy to split up any squad costs, so you can keep track of who owes, who, what!

13.Heads up Heads Down

If you are heading on an epic roadtrip after camp, or stuck in airports or long bus rides - heads up, heads down, is a great game to pass time! If you haven’t played it before, you basically get a category and place the phone on your head. The other members in the team try and help you guess what is on your head! It may not sound amazing, but trust me, it is.


Spotify is a life saver at camp. Get yourself a ‘kid friendly’ playlist before you go to camp, so you aren’t stuck listening to the same songs on repeat. Get yourself a road trip playlist too, for all your epic travels after camp!

15.Urban Dictionary

Sometimes understanding Americans can be quite difficult. Urban Dictionary is the perfect app to help you figure out exactly what your US colleagues are actually saying, without looking like an idiot! You are welcome.


Want to impress all your mates with some super awesome friendship bracelets? Or just need help learning the most basic string patterns? BraceletBook has hundreds of bracelet designs to help you figure it out. They even have videos!


Travelling by bus or train? Wanderu finds you the cheapest travel deals for Boltbus, Megabus, Peter Pan and Greyhound bus tickets, Amtrak train schedules and many more.


Hopper helps you with when to book flights. You can put in when you want to fly and it will tell you whether to wait for prices to go down, or book now. It also notifies you when the prices drop!


Want to send postcards home while you’re away, but not very good at getting around to it? Well with Touchnote now you can take a picture, add some text and send it anywhere in the world for $1.33-$2.99 a go!


Get yourself a free FairFX currency card and manage your travel spending from your phone! You can load funds, check your balance, make an international payment, get in touch with the support team, order cash to be delivered to your door before you leave and easily block your card if it gets lost or stolen.