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14 things you'll only understand if you've been a Brit on camp on 4th July


It's 4th July - a day when America celebrates it's freedom from us Brits with firework displays, parades and whole lot of red, white and blue. 

If you’re at camp right now, this is what you’ve probably just woken up to. It’s 4th July, every American's favourite day and guess what – you are part of it for all the wrong reasons...

1. You wake up to Bruce Springsteen blaring on the speakers 

If you weren’t aware today was the 4th July, you are now. You’ll most likely be woken up with 10 kids jumping on you screaming ‘USA, USA!’ as the realisation sets in that this is just the beginning. 

2. You’re suddenly not as popular as you were yesterday

Is it just me, or are people not as friendly today? No, you’re correct – nobody likes you today, simply because you are British. 

3. Raising the flag is an even more serious task than usual 

Every morning Americans raise the flag and pledge allegiance with way too much enthusiasm for 7am. Does that flag look a little higher to you today? A little bigger? It probably is.

4. Running to Walmart to buy anything that is red white and blue in an attempt to fit in...

You’ve realised you’re not really ‘in’ on this one, and obviously you have massive FOMO. So, you and your British pals run to Walmart to find absolutely anything that is red, white and blue. You spend the day walking into things trying to see through your American flag shutter shades. Seriously, who invented these!?

5. The food is the best part of the day

Food is extra in America on a normal day, so imagine the 4th July. Yep, food colouring is poured onto all of your meals! You had no idea it was possible to create an American flag out of pretzels - but here you are, savouring every bite.  

6. Today is the only day your accent will not work in your favour

On most days, your best British accent helps you get away with quite a lot! Who can resist Harry Potter, The Queen or Harry Styles!? Unfortunately, that is not on a campers priority list today. You are no longer their favourite counsellor and you spend the day running away from them attempting to throw you in the lake. 

7. You’ll get thrown in the lake

…all that running didn’t last long. Turns out, you being thrown into the lake is actually a scheduled activity so no amount of Forrest Gump attempts can save you this time. 

8. The battle of the best firework display commences

We know, we know – your camp has the best firework display. You’re certain of it, and so is everyone else. You stand by the lake and watch the fireworks and grab your insta-worthy shots. But wait, whose fireworks are they over the lake? And why are they bigger than yours?! 

9. You find out Independence Day isn’t just a film about aliens 

Of course you know what Independence Day is, you tell your campers. So, there were these aliens… Wait, you guys celebrate freedom? But, what do the aliens celebrate?

10. You see some more fireworks

It’s probably been approximately 0.5 seconds since the last firework display, so here’s another one for your withdrawal symptoms. 

11. You already knew the USA loved their flags, but this is a whole new level

Everywhere you go in the USA there are flags, flags, and more flags. But apparently, that was only the half of it. You can’t walk 5 metres without seeing a US flag being waved around so you end up grabbing your own and just going with it. Before you know it, you’re chanting ‘USA’ too. 

12. You begin to realise English schools were very selective with their History lessons

Let’s be honest, you didn’t even know what the 4th July was. You thought it was just a chance for Americans to have a party and that was it. Oh no, it is so much more. 

13.  A camper will ask you why you don’t celebrate 4th July in the UK

The inevitable question. Maybe just start talking about aliens? 

14. Did someone say fireworks?

Katy Perry will be played, everyone will hug each other and you’ll go to sleep feeling pretty great that a) you got to have a party all day and b) you’ll be the favourite counsellor again tomorrow.