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14 emotions you’ll go through working on a summer camp in the USA!


1. Nervous

Your parents are nervous which makes you nervous. Your suitcase doesn’t shut and you swear you’ve lost your visa papers even though you can see them right in front of you. You’re convinced your flight will be cancelled and you’ve forgotten how to teach all your skills. Am I actually leaving tomorrow?  Yep, tomorrow is the day your life is about to change forever!

2. Excited

You made it to the airport on time and in the distance, you can see these grey t-shirts with a Camp America logo on them. My friends,  you tell your mum as you rush off to introduce yourself. No way, I’m going to that camp too!  You let your mum know you’ve already made a friend for life, say your goodbyes and head for the most important part of the airport trip – buying snacks for the plane.

3. Anticipation

Woohoo – you’ve landed! Your first leg of the journey is over and you’re ready to meet your camp staff at the airport. You rush down the escalators with that huge suitcase you’re already regretting bringing, and go greet all your new American friends.

4. Shocked

The culture difference is starting to sink in. It’s 11pm and the US staff are super enthusiastic and loud – what’s that all about?! You’re nervous as it surely can’t be safe to drive on this side of the road, and everywhere you look there is a house with an American flag outside it. Not only that, but they sell bacon scented pillows in a place you can also get your hair cut.  One word – Walmart.

5. Amazed

It’s a new day and you feel incredibly well rested. You step outside your cabin and can’t believe this place exists. The camp grounds are like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and you’re sure this lake is the best one in the world. You walk around, and keep telling yourself it’s real. Yep, you’re actually spending your summer here.

6. Silly

Staff training is the most fun you’ve ever had, and you’ve become just as extra as all your American friends. You’re confused if someone doesn’t come to breakfast dressed as a dinosaur, and you look forward to every meal time because a) grilled cheese day b) you can dance on your tables without a care in the world and c) grilled cheese day. Before you know it, you’re singing repeat after me songs in your sleep and you’re very okay with it.

7. Content

Camp is in session; your kids are adorable and of course you don’t have favourites. Your new camp friends have become family and you can’t believe your life consists of being silly 24/7 in a beautiful setting surrounded by awesome people. You spend your off time searching for camp counsellor jobs back home, in the hope this can be your whole life. We’re sorry, but it’s bad news. Welcome to the world of living 10 months for 2...

8. Exhausted

You swear it gets harder to get up each day, and your kids are going to bed later and later. You’re counting down the hours until rest period and thinking about cancelling all your weekend plans to curl up in a ball and sleep all day long. The question is, why am I so tired when my kids are bouncing off the walls?! 

9. Frustrated

You’re beginning to get cabin fever, and you’ve just found out that little Jimmy who makes it his mission to annoy you, is here all summer. Not only that, but it’s beginning to become obvious that the mud, glitter and paint you have on your body is never going to wash off. But then, you remember that would require you to shower. You have a cry to your camp BFF and text your mum to tell her you need British chocolate sent over IMMEDIATELY.

10. Speechless

Your kids leave for good and you hug your friends shouting we made it!  Wait, what do you mean it’s only Session 1?!

11. Positive

You’ve had a great day off, and you think you’ve finally got into the swing of this camp counsellor lark. Not only can you make an awesome friendship bracelet, but you’ve also nailed how to do the Cupid Shuffle and eat an oreo off your head without using your hands. Your new kids are great, and you feel ready for the next few weeks.

12. Loved

Your suitcase no longer contains clothes. It now contains friendship bracelets, mail, kids letters to you and that precious pebble Jimmy gave you that you can’t bear to let go of. You realise this really is the most rewarding job in the world, and question again why you can’t do this 12 months a year.

13. Tearful 

It’s beginning to hit you that you’re leaving soon, and you simply aren’t ready for it. Your kids can’t even say hi to you without you welling up and telling them how much you'll miss them. It’s okay, we still have 2 weeks left!

14. In despair

Woops - you just blinked and the two weeks are over. Wait, what? No, it can’t be over! Don’t’ make me leave!  You’ve never cried this much in your life and you sit and have a very serious think about which one of your US friends you can marry so you can live here forever.

The countdown for next summer officially begins…