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10 things that'll happen during the 2018 Super Bowl


1. You'll take a pre-game nap

I mean if you don't take a nap, what hope do you have of making it through? Schedule your nap, don't miss your nap, but most importantly - don't oversleep and miss the very thing you took a nap for... 

2. You'll try not to get into a food coma too early

Forget the guys training for the Football - you've been training all season to eat at a Super Bowl party level and you will not disapoint. Now, your challenge is to evenly spread your snacks to avoid peaking too soon. May the odds be ever in your favour. 

3. They'll be someone there only watching it for the half time show

We all have that one friend (or perhaps you yourself) who heard Justin Timberlake and Pink are going to be there. They have no idea what the Super Bowl is and spend the first couple of hours waiting for a giant bowl to appear on the screen. 

4. You'll need an American/English dictionary at some point

They'll be a point where it'll be the peak of the game, tensions are high, everyone is talking too quick and the American lingo comes out in full force. Unless you've been to camp and can translate for your friends, you better get out your American dictionary! 

5. You start finding creative ways to keep your eyes open

Stay awake with Super Bowl bingo, eat some more food, down a red bull, eat some more food, maybe even stick match sticks in the eyes? Whatever does the trick. You gotta do what you gotta do..

6. The streaming channel will cut out

It's inevitable. It'll most likely happen in the peak of the game at around 2am UK time. Unless you want some very unhappy Super Bowl fans, we suggest you make sure you have a back up streaming channel! 

7. Someone will bring face paint 

Face Paint gets everyone in the spirit. Did you even go to summer camp if you didn't wear face paint every week?! Get into your teams, stick the paint on, and don't speak to the opposite team for the rest of the evening. Or ever, actually. 

8. Everyone will change into comfier clothes

If you get comfy to watch the game and you're sitting there in jeans, you only have yourself to blame. Comfort is key for the Super Bowl! 

9. You'll wish you brought more food 

We predict that 15 minutes in, you'll regret how much food you brought.. perhaps 30 minutes at a push. We recommend bringing more food than you think you'll need, and then bringing some more. 

10. Plans for the 2019 Super Bowl party will begin before this game has even ended

The 2018 game won't even have begun and you would have already set a location for next year. This time, you'll tell yourselves you'll bring more food, more face paint and definitely take a longer nap. But, you probably still won't bring enough food.