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10 signs you should return to camp


If you read this blog post and agree with 1 or more of our points, then it’s clearly in the stars and you MUST head back to camp this year. We’re not medical professionals in post-camp blues, but we’re as close as they come.

So, here are the 10 signs you should return to camp next summer…

1.Your friends are over you talking about camp

It’s probably already time to submit that returner application, right? When you get home, your friends have missed you lots and can’t wait for you to get back and catch up. You imagine hours with them, filling them in on all the inside jokes that happened this summer and all the cute things the kids said to you. Except, it doesn’t quite happen like that. You tell them your summer was great, you start talking about camp and before you know it you’re being begged to stop talking and you’ve been deleted from the group chat on whatsapp.

2.You’re craving an ice cream flavour that isn’t vanilla, chocolate or strawberry

British ice cream sucks, and let’s be honest, the most exotic flavour you’re going to get is probably cookies and cream.. (at a push). If you’re dreaming of birthday cake, cotton candy or maybe rainbow sherbet topped with a sprinkle of lavender honey then you have a problem, and it can be resolved by heading onto

3.You keep shouting ‘stay with your buddy!’ in your sleep

It’s inevitable. It’s your most used phrase at camp and somehow, it has wormed its way into your dreams (or nightmares). Before you know it, you’re going to be waking up your housemates for breakfast and getting them ready to sing the Superman grace.  

4.You break into a camp song with no word of warning

This really cannot be helped. You’ve been bitten by the camp bug and the side effects are breaking into song spontaneously in any given situation. Who knew a song about a moose would be so catchy?!

5.You’re not comfortable with being clean all the time

You spend your days clean. Ew, just the thought of it makes us shudder. It feels wrong to not be spending your evening attempting to scrub paint, mud, glitter and last weeks mac and cheese off your face.

6.You have not seen an instaworthy sunset or sunrise since returning home

I mean seriously, what is this about?! Your likes are becoming fewer and fewer, you’re losing followers and no amount of #throwbackthursday photos will do the trick.

7.Nobody cares if you can make a friendship bracelet

At camp it was your best asset, your way of saying thank you to someone or simply your way of telling yourself you were quite clearly, the most talented human in the world. Giving one to your friends at home just doesn’t have the same effect, and you didn’t spend hours over that string to not be greeted with a side hug and a few tears.

8.You start making campfires in your garden but they don’t come with tears or smores

Is there even a point in having a campfire if it isn't in the USA?! If it doesn't involve smores, singing, and someone crying because camp doesn't last forever... then we think no. 

9.You buy walkie talkies to communicate with your housemates

We know it's happened. If it's happened to you, you have an issue that can only be solved with a London US Embassy trip and a pack of Swedish Fish. 

10.You consider buying a golf cart instead of a car

Perhaps a little extra?! But, if you've even considered the thought of how much fun a golf cart would be in your day to day life, then we recommend you get your application in TODAY to cure those post-camp blues. It's the only way.