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"10 Reasons why you should do Camp America!" by Arianna Ware


  1. The experience: One summer at camp will be an experience you’ll never forget.  Camp will provide you with a crazy number of experiences/opportunities, and the best advice I can give you is to not say no (obviously to a certain extent), replacing no for yes, will allow you to get the most out of your experience, and who knows what you will end up doing!!

  2. The memories: It only takes one summer to make a lifetime of memories, and trust me, they  will be some of the best memories you ever hold. Camp memories will be your most talked about stories, and you’ll find yourself bringing up a camp memory at least once a day! Whether it be memories of camp fire sessions, dressing up in fancy dress, going for that morning jump in the pool at 7am, listening to your campers imitate the British accent, singing about a moose at the top of your lungs, right to the final goodbye – the memories are endless and sure will stick with you forever.

  3. The friendships: You work together, you learn together, you laugh together, you cry together; camp friends are the best friends, and there’s no doubt about it! After spending 9 weeks with your fellow counsellors, you do form friendships that will most likely last you a lifetime. If anyone said this to me before, I’d find it hard to believe, how could I be such good friends with people thousands of miles away? but, after just one summer, I couldn’t agree more; I’m in regular contact with the majority of the girls from my camp through mail, messages, and FaceTime, and I’m returning to the same camp next year!

  4. The campers: The campers are the best part about it, there wouldn’t be camp without them! Camp is their highlight of the year, they look forward to going to camp and think it’s the best thing ever (IT IS). You are there to be a role model to the campers; looking after them, whilst providing the fun and entertainment to ensure they are having the best time ever. Although they learn from you, you’ll be surprised at how much you learn about yourself after working with them. It is likely they will think you are absolutely amazing: the moment they tell you ‘Camp is the best thing ever’ … ‘ you’re my favourite counsellor’ (although, for all you know they could be saying this to everyone), will be the moments you never forget, it really does hit you.

  5. The location: Of course, being America is the major appeal, but the locations of every camp is something beautiful! Camps are generally set in rural areas, and offer the most beautiful views and environment; the lake area being everyones favourite! I was on a Girl Scout camp, and can’t get over how grateful I feel to have been able to have spent my summer in the outdoors. At first, the thought of living in a rustic environment was scary, but within a week, it came like second nature to me, and I wouldn’t want it any other way; I really got to appreciate my surroundings! It’s nice to be unplugged from technology, and learn how to enjoy yourself in the big outdoors!

  6. The activities: No matter what camp you are on, there will be activities that you will get to enjoy, some that will even test your confidence to try new things! You could be zipping away on a zip line, canoeing on the lake, hiking trails, rock climbing, challenging yourself on the high/low ropes course, horse back riding, the list is endless – do as much as you can! What’s amazing is watching you campers grow in confidence in the activities and building their own friendships.

  7. The culture: Camp America gives you the PERFECT opportunity to embrace the American culture, both on and off camp. Working at camp is your first insight into the difference in culture, and it’s fun to adapt to the cultural differences of British culture to American culture. From the slight language difference and slang, to the beautiful honouring of their country; the flags everywhere and the Pledge of Allegiance, to the food, the movie experience, the sports, the humour, right to the fourth of July…everything! I find it absolutely amazing to try new things, and witness the beauty of americans passion for their country and culture. Every morning at camp I’d look forward to the atmosphere of pledging allegiance to the flag. oh, and did you know Christmas in July was a thing?!

  8. The singing and dancing: There’s just no way of escaping the excitement and joy of the singing and dancing at camp; you soon get comfortable enough to sing at the top of your voice, and dance around the place…even if it does make you look a bit silly. Camp songs are a big thing at camp, and can be the craziest songs you’ve ever heared…want to sing about; a moose that drinks a lot of juice? buying some bubblegum? a 60’s party? a polar bear called Percy? a worm that burped? Tarzan swinging on a rubber band? someone calling you on a telephone?  well, get yourself to camp, because these songs, and many more will soon be your best friend! It won’t be long after camp that you start missing singing a line of a song, and having a whole chorus repeat after you.
  9. Improving your skills: You’ll be surprised to notice how good Camp America looks on your CV. Everyone has heard about Camp America, and knows what kind of a person you have to be to do something like it, so it really does give you exceptional employability skills. Camp gives you the opportunity to improve skills you already have, but is also the opportunity to try something completely new. With the requirement of working at camp for 9 weeks, it’s likely that for the majority of you, this is the longest time you’ve ever been away from home, but you’ll soon find yourself growing in confidence and independence.
  10. Travel!: Of course, you get to travel to America and work on a summer camp for 9 weeks. This is the perfect opportunity for you to explore the local area of your camp, and maybe even venture into a neighbouring state if you have enough time off! With Camp America, you are given 3 weeks to travel anywhere and everywhere around the US before your visa runs out. Domestic travel around the US can be done for cheap, so when you know you’ve got a placement, start planning an amazing itinerary for after camp travel, it’s an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss! If you don’t fancy having the hassle of booking everything yourself, check out Camp America Trek’s ( and book yourself onto a trip of your dreams.

    So that’s it, you could be experiencing all of the above things in the upcoming summer, apply for Camp America today!! I can’t wait to return for Summer 2016!

Thanks for reading,

Arianna (Twitter: @ariannawarex)