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"10 reasons we are thankful for Camp America" by Liverpool Brand Managers


Thanksgiving. The American holiday where thanks is given for the harvest and to those around us for the amazing things they do for us day in, day out. This year it is only right to share with you the 10 reasons we give thanks to Camp America…

1. The chance to spend a summer working on a summer camp in the USA!  

Ever watched The Parent Trap? How about Camp Rock? Ever wished you could be there? Well Camp America help make that dream come true by providing you with an incredible opportunity to live and work at a summer camp in the USA! There are fewer ways that are better than this to spend your summer!

2. The locations

When we say camps are beautiful, we mean THEY.ARE.BEAUTIFUL! Many set on lakes or in beautiful rustic woodlands, whilst their settings may differ, their unique and individual beauty doesn’t, who wouldn’t want to say thank you for giving you the chance to spend time in such a gorgeous environment?!

3. The memories you make

3 years on and my camp memories are still my most talked about stories. From the camp fires to that camper that tried to imitate a British accent, Camp America gives you the opportunity to create the most incredible memories that will stay with you forever.

4. The friendships

From the moment you set foot in the airport, your Camp America friendships begin. Some of the best friendships you will ever make, your camp friendships will last you a lifetime. Even beyond camp the opportunities Camp America give you to be involved ensure that camp friends are never too far from you!

5. The campers

You cannot forget to say thanks for the most important part of your time at camp: YOUR CAMPERS! The amazing, hilarious and sweetest kids you will meet. You’re there to be their role model and care for them but they will help you learn just as much about yourself as you help them learn. Trust me that moment a camper says to you that you’ve made a difference in their life will stay with you forever.

6. The chance to build your skills

Camp America not only provides you with an amazing experience, but a chance to build your own skills. Be it learning something new at camp like tennis or water skiing or improving your confidence and work experience with children, Camp America provide you with skills that will help you succeed later in life. You’d be amazed what a difference it makes on your CV. How could we not be thankful for those life long skills you give us Camp America?!

7. The continued support

From the start, Camp America will provide with an incredible support network. From our awesome team of Brand Managers to our fantastic London office team, Camp America will make sure you get all the help you need when it comes to doing your application. The support doesn’t stop when you land in the USA, our team in the USA will ensure everything runs smoothly when you’re at camp.

8. The chance to travel

With 30 days on your visa to travel after camp, the opportunities are endless! From CA treks to travelling with camp friends, the USA is your oyster and your opportunities are endless. New York, Florida, even Washington D.C. there are so many choices and enough time to explore them all!

9. The chance to be a Brand Manager or an Interviewer

Love camp? Can’t shut up about it? Want to help other people have an incredible summer in the USA? Yeah us too! Camp America give you the chance to continue your love for camp here in the UK by working as part of the Brand Manager team if you’re at university. You can even join our interviewing team and help get people one step closer to that dream summer. One of the best and most fun jobs you could have, being part of our UK team will ensure you can relive those camp memories.

10. Helping us follow our dreams 

I think the most important thing we are thankful for is that Camp America provides us with a life-changing opportunity to follow our dreams. To go out, make a difference and have fun whilst we do it. It’s the hardest job you will ever love but once you are at camp, you will never want to leave.

Has this got you excited for summer 2016? Want to know more? Start your application NOW at, it’s free to register so why wouldn’t you get started?!


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