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"1 week to go" by Benjamin Bloch


A bit about me. My name is Ben and I am heading back to Surprise Lake Camp in Upstate New York for my second summer. When I was 15 I found the Camp America program online, and from then on I couldn’t wait until I could go to camp. I had to wait until I was 19, and it was so worth the wait! I had the best time last summer, and I can’t wait to go back!

Surprise Lake Camp is a Jewish agency camp. It has 475 campers throughout the summer all aged between 7 and 15 years old. It has been going since 1902, which is absolutely incredible. Last summer I was the Theatre Manager responsible for all sound and lighting at camp, and I also taught technical theatre. I loved that job as I got to teach something that I was passionate about to the campers, which was amazing. This summer I am the Program Coordinator. This is a very different job. I will be responsible for all special events and all staff activities. I am really excited about it, as it is very much the sort of thing that I love doing!

It is amazing that I fly in a week. I will be doing 2 weeks of pre-camp and then straight into orientation. I say that I’m heading home because camp does become a home to you. It took me a couple of weeks last year to really feel the magic of camp, but when I did I realised why a lot of the staff had been at camp for so many years! I can’t wait for my second summer to start. Now to start on the packing. More to follow…!