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Camp: Gate Hill Day Camp



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Sport Science Student

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Gate Hill Day Camp


"My favourite memory was meeting my best friend at camp, Katie Huane. I met her at the airport before going to camp and it immediately felt like we had known each other for years. After a couple of weeks at camp, we went into New York City for the day. On the coach on the way back to our dorms that we lived in, me and Katie were discussing festivals we had been to. We both discovered that we volunteered at YNOT festival in 2016. When looking through photos we found one attractive photo of Katie (she’s munching on a muffin), the only person in the background of the photo was me! We were so shocked that we had technically met a whole year before going to camp together. The pictures show from before, and how many amazing memories we now have together thanks to going through Camp America!

I have spent two summers at the same camp and I have 0 regrets. I have been to Canada, Miami, Texas, San Francisco, Atlantic City, probably every well-known monument in New York City, jet skied around the Statue of Liberty and spent my 19th and 20th birthday (4th July) in NYC. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Camp America. It wasn’t all about the travelling, the skills I have learnt and developed over the two years has enhanced my CV without a doubt. In addition, those that I worked and lived with I am still in contact with everyday via social media and meeting up every so often."