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How do Camp America Treks work?

We've teamed up with the amazing travel company Intrepid to offer you the perfect solution for your after camp travel!  You simply choose the route you want to go on and all of the accommodation booking, route planning and driving is taken care of!

What is a Camp America Trek?

Camp America Treks are pre-organised roadtrips that you book onto in advance. You travel as a group and you'll be assigned an awesome trek leader who will be your guide and your driver and will take care of getting you from one place to next, ensuring you're safe and having fun! You'll be travelling in a cool customised van with wifi and plenty of roadtrip tunes! Accomodation will vary depending on your trip and most nights you'll stay somewhere new. They are the perfect and easiest way to see a lot of America in one go and have a variety of trips starting from 7 days - so there's bound to be a trek to suit you!

Group Travel

A Camp America Trek is perfect for anyone travelling solo as you're booking onto a trip that will include other people and a trek leader - so you'll quickly become mates with the entire group! The majority of people that book a trek book it alone - so don't be worried about doing this by yourself! Alternatively if you have friends that want to join you on a trek, anyone is welcome to book through our website and everybody is entitled to our discount!

Hassle-Free, Organised & Flexible!

When you're booking a Camp America Trek you can see exactly where it will be visiting and where you'll be staying. Once you're booked, all you need to do is get to the starting point and everything else is taken care of. This makes it a lot easier for you, instead of having to plan how to get from place to place, where to stay and what to do in each place. We'll sort all of that out for you! Although all of our treks have a set route, that doesn't mean to see there isn't time for you to do your own thing. Most locations on the treks will have included activities but there will always be the chance to do other things and and your trek leader will be on hand to make recommendations and help you book.



Returner & Interviewer

Kayode's Trek Experience...

"It was such an unreal experience! I was able to see and do things that most people dream of! A helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, riding in a limo down the Las Vegas strip, jet skiing on Lake Havisu can now all be ticked off the bucket list (I’m smiling right now reminiscing about it!). The fact that I could do all of these activities without having to worry about transport to each place or where to stay, as it is all organised for you, made it a complete no brainer for me!"


Returner & Interviewer

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