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What does working on the waterfront involve?

Every camp relies on a dedicated team of Lifeguards to handle the manic scenes when a hundred kids jump into the lake or swimming pool! At more relaxed times during the day, you'll have the chance to get involved in a variety of exciting Watersports!

Each waterfront will have a range of activities such as; Boating, Water skiing, Paddle boarding, Jet skiing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Surfing, Sailing, Fishing, Wakeboarding, Swimming, Lifeguarding, Whitewater rafting and Tubing.

Tell me more about this role...

Everyone at camp wants to be a Lifeguard or part of the Waterfront Staff! Many of the camps we work with have a picturesque lake or swimming pool which truly is an amazing way to spend your summer! You'll spend most of the day either at the Waterfront or Swimming Pool (or both!) so look forward to topping up your tan daily! At the Waterfront, you'll have the chance to get involved in all the Watersports on offer including; Sailing, Waterskiing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Windsurfing, Paddleboarding and much more! During your training at camp, Lifeguards should expect pretty intense training - so be ready for some 6am swims!

What previous experience do you need?

To be a Lifeguard you'll need to hold a current Lifeguard qualification (American Red Cross or NPLQ) and ideally have previous experience in working as a Lifeguard. We also offer our own ARC training courses if you would like to complete this qualification before taking on this role at camp. Any experience or qualifications in instructing any Watersports will also be very beneficial to work in those areas. For example a BCU Level 2 (or above) coaching award in Canoeing or Kayaking or an ASA Level 1 or 2 if you'd like to specialise in teaching Swimming.


What else...

As a Lifeguard you'll probably find that your day is quite varied. You'll provide cover for all of the different watersports and swim classes that take part on camp, so you'll either be out on the boats, on the dock, or in the high chair! If you're a watersports specialist you'll normally spend the majority of the activity periods in that area.

Away from the waterfront, it's likely that you'll also take on a role as a 'General Counsellors' so you'll be assigned to take care of a specific bunk of kids and get involved with other areas of camp life whenever the opportunity arises.

Advanced Skills Counsellor

Most Watersports are classed as 'Advanced Skills' as specialists in these areas are very high in demand at the camps we work with. So if you're qualified in Canoeing/Kayaking, Motorboat Driving, Sailing, Waterskiing, Swimming or as a Lifeguard you'll be eligible to become an Advanced Skills Counsellor and receive a higher pocket money rate!

So don't forget, if you have any experience in those skills make sure you put them on your application! If you have any qualifications/certifications in those activities you can add those in as well which will help us determine if you're Advanced.

Visit us at the following events

See below for some of the camps that will be hiring for this role at our recruitment fairs!



Returner & Brand Manager

Jade's Experience...

"For  the past 2 years now and the upcoming summer my job role has been the assistant waterfront director, my first year working with the girl scouts and currently hired at a co-ed camp. My daily routine involved bunking in with the kids, managing the waterfront, lifeguarding and teaching waterfront classes. I could wake up each day and teach body-boarding, water skiing, swimming lessons, play on the slip and slide and get involved within the general camp activities. I can't imagine a summer not working at camp its so rewarding, returning is an addiction!" 


Returner & Brand Manager

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