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What does being a Special Needs Counsellor involve?

Getting to spend your summer helping special needs campers play, laugh and have fun, makes this role one of the most rewarding!

Tell me more about the role...

The role of Special Needs Counsellors is to help campers enjoy summer camp in a safe and fun environment. These camps cater for campers from the age of 8-80, so you may be looking after adults too! Your time will be dedicated to a small group of campers, often between two and six, and in some cases you may provide one-on-one care for a camper. This means you'll be part of a big team of Counsellors on camp, so team work is a must!

What previous experience do you need?

No previous experience is required for this role. Camp Directors are looking for applicants who are caring, hard-working and willing to learn. Training will be provided when you arrive on camp and you'll be offered continuous support throughout. If you have experience in this field then you'll no doubt be in demand - so make sure you put it on your application!

What else...

Anyone who has previously worked at a Special Needs Camp will talk about the amazing feeling you get from devoting your time to helping others - which is what makes this work so rewarding!

Your role will be very similar to the General Counsellor position, so you'll have the chance to get involved in the range of activities on camp. You may also be expected to help with personal care, eating and ensuring campers visit the nurse for their daily medication.

Special Needs Counsellors are in high demand!

Special Needs Counsellors are in high demand, so make sure you give it some serious consideration. This could be your perfect summer placement without you even realising it! As we've mentioned, not having any previous experience working with Special Needs children/adults does not mean you shouldn't apply to these camps. You'll get a lot of on camp training once you arrive and you will be working with a team of experienced Counsellors who will be there to support you through everything.




Returner & Interviewer

Ash's Special Needs Camp Experience...

“There is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than making someone feel equal and just as important as everyone else. Camp is the most challenging, rewarding, life and perspective changing experience one person can ask for, it really is the most unique, fun and fulfilling job you could imagine!”


Returner & Interviewer

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