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What Creative Jobs are available at camp?

There are a variety of roles at camp, that will let you get creative!

Creative Arts

Arts and Crafts, Tie-dye, Ceramics, Fashion, Pottery, Jewellery, Woodwork, Beauty, Batik, Leather Work, Metal Work, Painting, Sculpting, Sewing, Silk Screen, Stained Glass, Weaving.

Performing Arts

Drama, Modern Dance, Ballet,  Theatre Production, Music (piano, guitar, ukelele, drums) DJ, Theatre make up, Magic, Circus, Costuming,  Directing, LARP, Lighting and Sound, Dance - other, Stage Management, Set Construction

Culinary Arts 

Are you a budding chef or dreaming of entering the Great British Bake off? Why not teach cooking or baking at camp?

Tell me more about this role...

The list of creative activities offered at camp is endless! There's Ceramics, Circus Skills, Digital Arts, Drama, Dance, Piano, Stage Production, Video Editing plus many more! So whether your speciality is Arts & Crafts, Performing Arts or Music, there’s many opportunities to share your talents with the campers. It'll be your role to lead sessions in these areas and help the children showcase their creativity.

What previous experience do you need?

Previous experience in any of these areas will look great as part of your application. You’ll need to be able to demonstrate that you can lead and teach whichever area you’d like to specialise in at camp. For example, if you have studied Drama/Acting or previously taught children in this area make sure you tell us plenty about it. We also recommend that you add a video to your application to demonstrate your skills!

What else...

Every year we recieve a high number of applicants with creative skills, so places for these positions on camp are quite competitive. These Counsellor roles fill up quickly, so if your skills are related to this area, we recommend that you apply as early as you can.

You'll also take on a role as a 'General Counsellor', so you will be assigned to take care of a specific bunk of kids at meal times, in the evening and through the night.


Within the Creative Arts category, there are a few skills that camps are always looking out for each summer. If you have any qualifications/certifications, you should add add these in as well as it will help show off your application even more.



Returner & Brand Manager

Ellie's Experience...

"Drama Counsellor/Theatre Director has to be one of the best jobs on camp! It's hugely popular among the campers as we usually get around 50 kids auditioning for the 2 shows we do during the summer. I run between 3-5 manic rehearsals a day to put on a musical in just under 3 weeks! The rest of my time is spent gathering props, choreographing routines, painting set and everything else that goes into putting on a show. I also get a few free periods a day to join the kids in my bunk in their other activities like going on the zip line or tie dying our camp shirts in the art barn! Its been 3 years now and I cant imagine ever spending my summer doing anything else!"


Returner & Brand Manager

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