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What does being an All-Round Entertainer involve?

Camp Directors will always look to hire natural entertainers who bring fun with them wherever they go! 

Tell me more about this role...

Camps are constantly on the look out for counsellors who have something different to bring to camp - like a stand out personality and the ability to create memorable experiences for the kids. So even though you may not be an expert Rock Climber, your outgoing and individual personality could be your ticket to camp!

What previous experience do you need?

If you're fun loving, entertaining and love making people smile, then this is more than enough to take part in the programme! It's likely you'll be hired as a General Counsellor and along with this role you'll no doubt be asked to help keep the campers and staff entertained and make the daily activites even more fun!

Visit us at the following events

See below for some of the camps that will be hiring for this role at our recruitment fairs!

What else...

Camp is all about making the summer unfortgettable for the kids, so the right  personalities are important to create a fun atmosphere! Throughout a typical day at camp, there are countless opportunities to make everyday routines entertaining and amusing for the campers. This could be leading a hilarious camp song during meal times, making a fool of yourself at a counsellor talent show or planning a late night raid of the older kids' bunks. If you're keen to step out of your comfort zone and go the extra mile to make the summer special for the kids, our programme is perfect for you!

Application advice

You need to make sure that your personality shines through on your application, as it will definitely appeal to camps and may be significant in securing you a placement! The best way to get your personality across is by making a video. Remember - this isn't like most jobs where you'll get to meet the employers face to face (unless you come to one of our Recruitment Fairs). So make sure you add a video to your application and show the camps exactly what it is you have to offer! Be creative, be fun and let them see the real you!



Overseas Business Development Assistant

Sam's Experience...

I really wanted to make the most out of camp this year so I decided before I arrived that I would never say no to anything so that I experienced as much as I could...well that means you're kept pretty busy at camp as I found out! From running around getting chased by campers because they wanted that purple cone I attached to my ponytail because it scores the most points in an evening activity or volunteering to be hypnotised up on stage and genuinely believing that I was a Spice Girl, to putting 110% into dancing on a chair in the mess hall when everyone else is sat down and just watching you. All these things and more not only gave me the most amazing memories, but it actually helped me to meet new people and make new friends as well as get to know campers who I might not have met before. One night, I walked into a bunk of 11 year olds who I hadn't seen much to be on duty for them and it was awesome to be recognised me as 'the counsellor who dances crazy at breakfast'.   


Overseas Business Development Assistant

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