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What do Camp Media Jobs Entail?

There are a range of media jobs at camp, whether you are looking to further your career with some hands-on experience, or share your knowledge teaching the kids. Whether you are looking to work in photography, videography, broadcasting, journalism or film, you could be working in your future field, while having an awesome summer!

Tell me more about this role...

A lot of camps hire photography and videography counsellors, to take pictures and make videos throughout the summer; to promote the camp across their website and social media channels. Working in the camp media team, will give you a chance to showcase your video and photography skills to the whole camp! Camps also have photography, newspaper, and radio as part of their activities. So you could be teaching the kids any of these, or even making the camp newspaper!

What previous experience do you need?

Experience in photography, videography, broadcasting, film, or journalism is awesome, especially if you are studying one of those subjects. If you have editing experience, make sure you put it on your application!

What else...

Being the camp photographer or videographer is one of the best jobs on camp, you get to visit the whole of camp and see eveyone and everything going on! Plus you will come away with a summer's worth of images or videos, or writing; for your portfolio!

Application advice

If you can showcase any work you have done previously, this could really help with your application. Whether it is an online portfolio, a video you made, some examples of photos, show off your awesome work!



Marketing Assistant/ Video Blogger

Pops' Travel Experience...

“Travelling after camp was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! My first year we did a huge road trip from California to Miami, right across America! I got to explore a new country, see new places and experience so many new things; from hiking Yosemite, to line dancing in Texas, to lying on the beach in Miami, it was amazing! Not only did I get to experience America, I got to do it with my awesome new camp friends and we didn’t stop laughing! My American road trip will forever be one of my favourite memories.”


Marketing Assistant/ Video Blogger

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