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What does being an Adventure Counsellor involve?

Adventure Counsellors spend a lot of time at the Climbing Wall or High/Low Ropes Course, giving campers the chance to tackle these actvities and experience the thrill of camp!

Tell me more about this role...

If you thrive on the challenge of taking on a High/Low Ropes Course, Climbing Wall, Mountain Biking or Zip-Line, then we need you to bring this enthusiasm to camp!  These activities are always really popular with the campers (and staff) as they naturally provide so much excitement! Plus you get to see the kids joy and sense of achievement when they conquer the scary High Ropes Course or really high Climbing Tower!

What previous experience do you need?

Any previous experience, qualifications or training in instructing these activities will look great as part of your application. For example, in-house training in instructing Climbing at an Outdoor Activity Centre or a Climbing Wall Award from the British Mountaineering Council is perfect for this position. If you've simply participated in these activities frequently in the past, camps may hire you for this role as some provide their own training on camp.

Visit us at the following events

See below for some of the camps that will be hiring for this role at our recruitment fairs!

What else...

It'll be your role to set-up and instruct these activities at camp. You could be specialising in one particular area, like Rock Climbing, or getting involved in multiple Adventure activities. Different groups of kids will come to you for a period at a time throughout the day to try out whatever activities are on offer. You'll be expected to encourage the kids to get involved and spur them on, whilst ensuring of their safety at all times!

It's likely that you'll also have a role as a 'General Counsellor' in which you'll take care of a specific bunk of kids whenever you're not instructing in Adventure activities and get involved with everything else that camp has to offer!

Advanced Skills Counsellors

Rock Climbing, Climbing Wall/Tower and High/Low Ropes are classed as 'Advanced Skills' as they're in high demand at the camps we work with. So if you're well qualified or trained in any of these areas, you'll be classed as an Advanced Skills Counsellor. This will make you eligible to receive a higher pocket money rate and give you a better chance of getting placed! 

So if you have any experience in these skills, make sure you put them on your application! If you have any qualifications/certifications in these activities you can add these in as well, which will help us determine if you're an Advanced Skills Counsellor.



Returner & Brand Manager

Adrienne's Experience...

"As an outdoor Adventure/Canoe specialist I am able to take group of campers into northern Minnesota for weeklong canoe expeditions. Its great watching the campers form friendships over the week, learn new skills canoeing whilst going back to basics and living in rural lakeside locations.  The views and the atmosphere are spectacular and I'm going to keep going back as much as I can, so I can explore, educate and enjoy."


Returner & Brand Manager

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