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What kind of Action Sports Jobs, can I do?

These activities are very popular on camp! You could be teaching the kids;

Quad Biking, Paintball, Go-karting, Skateboarding, Mountain biking, Mountain boarding, Zip lining, Ropes, rock climbing and Rifelry.

Don't forget we also have roles in watersports too, check out our watersports page for more information.

Tell me more about Action Sports...

Bit of a thrill seeker? Spend your days, teaching kids an action sport that you are passionate about! Do what you love, everyday! You will probably also get involved in all aspects of camp, when you aren't teaching your sports.

What experience do I need?

Rock Climbing, Climbing Wall/Tower and High/Low Ropes are classed as 'Advanced Skills' as they're in high demand at the camps we work with. So if you're well qualified or trained in any of these areas, you'll be classed as an Advanced Skills Counsellor. This will make you eligible to receive a higher pocket money rate and give you a better chance of getting placed! 

So if you have any experience in these skills, make sure you put them on your application! If you have any qualifications/certifications in these activities you can add these in as well, which will help us determine if you're an Advanced Skills Counsellor.


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