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What does working in the office involve?

Helping plan the activity programme, organising camper mail and packages, speaking to parents on the phone and basically being the source of all knowledge!

Tell me more about this role...

One of the most interesting and busy jobs on camp, no one day in the office is the same! The camp office is the hub of where everything happens, so you get a great view of everything. Parents will be calling you to check on their children, you'll be responding to emails and you'll organise the mammoth amounts of mail that gets delivered to camp and get to be the ones to deliver it to the campers and see their face light up!

What experience do I need?

Good admin and communication skills will really benefit your application. You'll often be involved in helping the senior staff and directors keep the programme running smoothly - so organisational skills are essential!  Needless to say this is an integral part of any summer camp and a great role to work in.Remember - you must be a student currently in full time education to apply for the Campower programme.

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See below for some of the camps that will be hiring for this role at our recruitment fairs!

Can I still get involved with the rest of Camp?

Although the office is always going to be busy, you will have some time off throughout the day which you can choose to spend getting involved with the regular camp activities. Even when you're on duty, the plus side of working in the office is that you'll know exactly when and where everything is happening. Office staff will generally work as a team on a rotational basis, so some days you might be up early and manning the phones and emails before the breakfast rush and then get time off in the afternoon. Throughout your regular working day you'll have plenty of time to get away from your desk, and get involved with the campers.

Make the most of it...

Your living situation whilst on camp will be different to the counsellor staff. Most Campower staff will live together in separate accommodation and not with the campers. Sometimes this may include senior counsellor staff.

Wherever your accommodation is based you won't be too far away from the campers so it is really worth while getting to know them as well and joining in with any cabin games and activities when you have the opportunity to.



Returner & Brand Manager

Alex's Experience...

"I spent my first year at camp working in the office and it was a great experience! We worked on a shift rota which allowed us plenty of time off in which we could get involved in all of the camp activities. For me choosing a Campower role meant that I was able to feel a part of the camp without having the direct responsibility of looking after the kids, as Campower staff all lived together! I would definitely recommend a Campower role to anybody who wants to experience all the fun of camp without the level of responsibility that comes from being a counsellor!"


Returner & Brand Manager

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