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What does working with the Maintenance/Grounds Keeping team involve?

Lots of time outside! You could be out in the sun cutting the grass, fixing a broken fence, mending activitiy equipment or topping up the paintwork! 

Tell me more about this role...

As Maintenance or Grounds Keeping staff your job is to make sure that camp looks great and everything is in working order! You'll work on a shift pattern but whenever you're on camp you'll be on-call, so if something needs fixing then you'll have to be on the other end of the radio ready to go! With so much happening on camp, things will often need mending or replacing to make sure activities can always run and the cabins are in good condition to live in.

What experience do I need?

If you're handy with a hammer, then you can apply for this role! Depending on what your skills are or what experience you have you really could end up doing a variety of jobs in this role. This will obviously help your summer be even better as everyday could be different. Remember - you must be a student currently in full time education to apply for the Campower programme.

Visit us at the following events

See below for some of the camps that will be hiring for this role at our recruitment fairs!

Can I still get involved with the rest of camp?

We couldn't expect you to keep the camp looking nice and fresh and all of the equipment working and then not be able to use them! Whenever you're not on duty you'll be encouraged to get involved in any of the camp activities that are on offer. Every camp will actively involved their Campower staff in the regular activities so you're still going to get the chance to hang out with the Counsellors and the campers as well as taking a dip in the lake, or taking a Kayak out in the sunshine.

Make the most of it...

Your living situation whilst on camp will be different to the counsellor staff. Most Campower staff will live together in separate accommodation and not with the campers, sometimes this may include senior counsellor staff. Wherever your accommodation is based you won't be too far away from the campers so it is really worth while getting to know them as well and joining in, in any cabin games and activities when you have the opportunity to.




Tom's Campower Experience...

"My first summer at camp was such a whirlwind for me as I had originally wanted to partake in CA as a camp counsellor but didn't have the childcare experience needed. Luckily Camp America took the time to look at me in greater depth and saw I had valuable maintenance experience which I ended up using at camp when I was hired as a grounds man. Once I arrived it was everything I could ever imagined and more with all the perks of being a cabin counsellor, where there is plenty of time to integrate with camp life but with more time off and better pocket money."



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