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What does working with the Laundry/Housekeeping team involve?

From cleaning the cabins to running the laundry schedule, you'll keep the camp (plus the campers & Counsellors) looking fresh!

Tell me more about this role...

You're role will generally be split between two main areas which are, keeping the cabins and sleeping areas clean for the campers and staff as well as washing the clothes for everyone on camp...including yourself! A lot of camps generally run some form of clean up system to teach the campers responsibility and teamwork, so when they're out at activities you'll be in their cabins just touching up on bits they've missed and making sure they're all in a healthy environment.

What experience do I need?

No particular experience is needed for this role however if you've previously worked in a hotel or as a cleaner, camps will see this as a great advantage! When you have completed your Camp America application, the camp will decide on what type of Campower role you are most suited to. Remember - you must be a student currently in full time education to apply for the Campower programme.

Can I still get involved with the rest of camp?

Camp is all about including everyone and being one big family. As you'll have regular time off inbetween doing the laundry or cleaning the cabins, you'll be able to use that time to go and join in the activities on offer at camp. You'll more often than not have more time off in the afternoons and evenings as most of the cleaning work will be done by then, so once you're off the clock make sure you get involved in anyting and everything! You may work on a rota basis with the other staff in your department so the time off could come at other times in the day so you're free to do whatever you want then, whether it's relaxing or running around camp like a big camper yourself!

Make the most of it...

Your living situation whilst on camp will be different to the counsellor staff. Most Campower staff will live together in separate accommodation and not with the campers, sometimes this may include senior counsellor staff. Wherever your accommodation is based you won't be too far away from the campers so it is really worth while getting to know them as well and joining in, in any cabin games and activities when you have the opportunity to.



Senior Marketing Coordinator

Nicky's Advice...

If you're looking for a future job in leisure or hopsitality, then working in the Housekeeping and Laundry areas at camp can be a great experience! The best part about this role is that you get to know everyone, plus you'll get plenty of time off to join in with camp life! 


Senior Marketing Coordinator

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