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What you need to know about Day Camps...

To put it simply, Day Camps are camps that are only open during the day. Most Day Camps will also fall under another 'Camp Type' category, so you could end up working at a Private Day Camp, a Special Needs Day Camp or a Jewish Day Camp.

What is a Day Camp?

Day Camps offer local children the chance to spend their summer holidays enjoying the outdoors and trying lots of new and exciting activities. The main thing that makes a Day Camp different to the other 'Camp Types' is at the end of the day, the children go home...well until the next morning! Your job is to make sure their day is action packed and full of fun. So by the time they get picked up, they're happy and excited to come back the following day!

Accommodation & Facilities

The majority of Day Camps will have accommodation for staff, so you stay on camp even when the kids aren't there. Some camps however won't have overnight facilities, so instead you will stay in college/university dorms nearby or even with local families - which means you truly get to experience what it feels like to live in the USA! As these camps only need you to work during the day, you'll get evenings and possibly weekends off - which is a massive plus point. Just make sure you take enough spending money!

The Campers

Day Camps are used by parents as a form of day care, so you'll often find that the campers are quite young (normally under 10 years old). The families will be from the local area so they will drop their children off in the morning and pick them up in the early evening. The campers will have a variety of daytime activities to choose from including lots of sports, group games, swimming, arts & crafts, music, drama and dance.

Applying for a Day Camp

Just like Private Camps, your application will automatically be sent to the Day Camps we work with. These camps tend to hire more general counsellors due to the age of their campers, so they'll be looking for people who've got childcare experience and are used to working with younger age groups. They'll also look to hire applicants with certain skills and experience to help teach activities along with Campower staff to look after the camp.




Past Participant

Kerry's Day Camp Experience

“Day Camp is definitely unique compare to other camps, as I had the best of both worlds! Not only did I have an awesome time on camp, but there was also plenty of time off in the evenings and weekends to relax and visit places like Miami and Key West! I worked with the pre-school campers (3-6) which was definitely a fun and rewarding experience.”


Past Participant

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