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The added benefits of doing Camp America

Not only do you get an amazing summer in the USA, you're also benefiting your future at the same time!

Confidence Building

One of the best thing about the Camp America experience is the person you are when you come home! There's no better way to build on your confidence then to spend the summer on a lively summer camp working with staff from all over the world and hundreds of kids! Even if you're not the person leading the chants every day, your confidence is going to grow in a number of different ways and you'll be confident in dealing with a variety of different situations.

Personal Development

On camp you'll be developing new skills every single day, without even realising it! You’ll learn about leadership, time-management, initiative, organisational, team-work, responsibility and perhaps most importantly, communication skills! In any job interview there will more than likely be a number of questions that you can answer and impress and employer with a story or situation from camp.

Ambition & Determination

Making the decision to spend your summer working on camp in the USA shows you have drive and motivation. It proves that you're a determined person, ready to take on something completely new and exciting! Rather than settling for a normal summer, you're choosing to take yourself out of your comfort zone and in return you will be rewarded with the chance to see amazing news places and meet incredible people. By pushing yourself to achieve this, it shows that you're an ambitious and determined person.

Taking on a Challenge

Camp is fun, crazy and one of the best things you'll ever do! We’re not going to lie though, working on a summer camp is hard! Whilst you're having the time of your life, you're going to need to keep your energy levels up and make sure the campers are having a great time. This is no easy task but the camp will have hired you because they know you can do this So when you get back home after a summer working hard, everything will seem like a walk in the park! Being able to reflect on this when you return is only going to enhance your work ethic and appeal to future employers.


Faye Hatherley-Edwin

Employability Co-ordinator, Plymouth Marjon University

Go to camp, gain new skills...

Here at Plymouth Marjon University, we actively encourage our students to be part of the fantastic Camp America programme, enabling them to acquire key skills to build confidence, independence, interpersonal skills, cultural awareness, adaptability and resourcefulness to make them more rounded individuals for future employment. This programme allows our students to be part of a supported, once in a lifetime opportunity to work, travel, learn and gain experiences that employers really do value.

Faye Hatherley-Edwin

Employability Co-ordinator, Plymouth Marjon University

What is Employability?

Employability is all about what you can offer to potential employers other than just qualifications - like real life experiences!

Employability & Camp America

The benefits of doing the Camp America programme go way beyond just a summer! You're going to return home with an array of new skills that you will benefit you in any workplace. Camp America is recognised by academics and employers all across the world, so ultimately by taking part in the programme you are making yourself more employable which makes it a worthwhile investment!

University Placements

If you are currently studying and your course includes a placement or overseas module, then you may be able to use your Camp America experience. This is a great way to help tailor your summer camp adventure towards your future career and job prospects. Ask your course tutor for more information and let us know if they are willing to allow you to do this!  

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