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By going "Own Transport" you will be responsible for your travel arrangements to the USA and to your Camp (follow the instructions given to you by your Camp). All details regarding Own Transport can be found below.

New Zealand applicants - please note IWH Travel will arrange your Own Transport flight to the USA (and you pay them). You need to communicate with your camp about the balance of the journey to camp.

Applicants outside Europe (eg Australia and New Zealand) may be automatically assigned the own transport option.

Applicants placed in California or Wisconsin are also automatically assigned the own transport option.

The deadline for changing to either a Camp America flight or the Own Transport option is 1st March (note, Camp America flight option is not available for applicants placed in California/Wisconsin) - subject to availability of space on each option. Any changes after this date will be subject to a penalty fee being imposed.


Please read all of the points listed below, as these are the conditions concerning the Own Transport Option.

1. As an OWN TRAVELLER you are responsible for making your own travel arrangements to and from America - you are not eligible to fly on a Camp America flight in either direction.

2.  Your Camp Director is responsible for providing you with information about how to get to the camp. Please contact them directly before you book travel. Some instructions may involve taking public transportation to get to camp. If you receive instructions that involve public transport, please make sure you give yourself enough time after landing to clear immigration and customs and to get to your public transportation departure point. 

3. You are advised not to make any international/domestic flight arrangements that cannot be cancelled/altered without a refund, even if you have had a placement confirmed. This is in case last minute placement changes have to be made or the placement falls through, or your visa is delayed/not granted. Camp America will not make any compensation payments for any travel arrangements that you need to change or cancel in any circumstances.

4. If you were eligible for a free Camp America regional flight, and change to the Own Transport Option, but then change back to your original flight option, you will no longer be eligible for the free regional flight and you will have to pay the supplement or fly from London.  Note - own travel is the only option for Australia/New Zealand.

5. All flights or other bookings purchased from Camp America agents are considered to be private arrangements made independently and are not part of the Camp America programmes in any respect.

6. Your date of arrival at your camp must be in strict accordance with their instructions, and should coincide with the Camp America arrival date on your placement information.

7. Your camp is obligated to pay you the appropriate after camp payment**.  For first time applicants and returners to a new camp this is higher if you make your own travel arrangements compared to taking a Camp America flight.  If you have already been assigned to the OT option the pocket money details on your placement page on your online Camp America account will reflect your extra pay. If you have not yet been set to the OT option, please email [email protected] to see if you are eligble for this option and to find out what your camp payment will be.

** Please note that if you are a returner to the same camp you will need to negotiate your pay directly with camp. If you are making your own travel arrangements, rather than taking a CA flight, check if they will take this into account when setting your rate of pay, as Camp America will not be charging the camp any flight fees.  Make sure you get details of your pay in writing before you go to the US.

Remember, all camps are charged a fee by Camp America - if you receive a contract from your camp the total amount of pay stated may include the fee to be paid to Camp America.

8. Once you are at your assignment you will share the full benefits of regular Camp America participants. At the end of your 9-12 week assignment you will be responsible for your own transport home.  Note - the J1 visa allows counsellors to stay in the US for a maximum of 30 days after camp end date.  Campower participants visas expire according to country university start dates - contact us at [email protected] for more details. 

9. If you are fired it is your responsibility to make your own return flight reservations and all costs incurred are your responsibility.

Please understand the above Own Transport conditions does not guarantee a placement on the Camp America programme.

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