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What does this role involve?

Christian and Jewish applicants are in high demand by the hundreds of religious camps we work with!

Tell me more about this role...

Camps that have a Christian or Jewish background will require Counsellors of the same religion to help the campers learn more about their faith. Along with the day to day camp activities, you will also be expected to join in with the camp's religious traditions and and encourage the campers to do the same. Christian Counsellors may be asked to deliver Bible Study sessions, whilst Jewish Counsellors will help run Shabbat on a Friday. It's likely that you will also have another type of Counsellor role such as working as a General Counsellor or specialising in a particular sport or activity.

What previous experience do you need?

If you are a practicing Jew or Christian, your faith and knowledge of your religion are what these camps need. On Religious Camps, Camp Directors will look to hire a mixture of staff from a range of backgrounds, however they always need Counsellors of the same faith. On your Camp America application, you will have the opportunity to talk more about your religious beliefs. Even if you're not religious, you may still get offered a place at a religous camp. Don't panic if you do! The camp will know that you're not religious but obviously feel like you are the right person for the role they are offering you.

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See below for some of the camps that will be hiring for this role at our recruitment fairs!

Christian Counsellors

When you're completing your Camp America application, you will be able to tell us whether you are willing to work on a Christian Camp. If you select yes, then you will be asked to provide more information about your religious beliefs and talk about any faith-based activities you participate in. Your answers will then help us match you to the right kind of camp.

Jewish Counsellors

As we work with a wide variety of Jewish camps, your application will automatically be sent to these camps - so you won't have the option to request it under your 'Camp Preferences'. Jewish Counsellors are in very high demand,  so if you are Jewish we strongly recommend you put it down on your application.  




Afope's Experience...

"As a general counsellor in the older girl’s village at camp, I got to take part in all activities with my campers, from sports to dance classes to archery and hiking. There was lots of guidance from the camp directors on how to lead short bible studies and  to share my faith with the kids in a fun, creative and energetic way which was always rewarding. The day would usually end at campfire where a bible theme would be incorporated into the skits, games and camp songs leaving the campers with a nice message to think about before bed. Every day was always different, with a new theme."



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