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What is Campower?

Campower are the team who look after the camp facilties, ensuring the summer runs smoothly!

What does the Campower role involve?

The Campower role involves being part of the team that looks after the camp and keep it running on a day to day basis. You're basically the the cogs that keep everything turning! You'll be allocated to a particular Campower role - so you may be responsible for feeding all the hungry campers and staff 3 times a day or you could be part of the maintenance crew fixing anything that breaks and keeping camp looking nice! 

What are the benefits?

One of the main benefits of this role is that you get to spend 9 weeks working on a summer camp but you don't have the responsibility of looking after the campers! This means you'll also have separate accommodation to the Counsellors and campers - so you're guaranteed a good night's sleep! You can get involved with everything that camp has to offer and you can make the most of the camp facilities in your spare time!




Tom's Campower Experience

"In 2012 I worked as a grounds keeper on the Campower programme. Once I arrived it was everything I could ever imagined and more. With all the perks of being a counsellor, getting plenty of time to integrate into camp life, but with more time off and better pocket money. Doing Campower helped me gain the childcare experience I needed to return as a counsellor the following year, but also the money helped my travels after camp where I went on a 7000 mile roadtrip through 30 states with friends from camp that I will remember for life. So if you're thinking of doing Campower, my advice would be to stop thinking about it and go ahead and DO IT!"



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