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General Counselor


4 Summers





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General Counselor

General Counselor


4 Summers





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Why did you apply to work at camp?

I decided to apply for camp because one of my family friends would always talk about how good their experience was and would always show us pictures of what it was like at camp and all the fun activities he got up to. As soon as I was old enough, I then decided that this was the time for me to apply and experience the summer of a lifetime.

Applying for camp...

The application process was really straight forward. Everything that you needed to do was clear on the website. From filling out why you wanted to do at camp, to uploading a portrait photo. Everything was clearly mapped out the Camp America team were always on call to help.

Favourite thing about America...

By far, my favourite thing about the States is that it isn’t all what you see in the movies. A lot of people have the idea that everywhere is either like the center of New York City or a beach on the West Coast. Travelling to and from camp and exploring the area that you’ll be based allows you to see America in a different way than you expected.

Best part about working on camp... 

The fact that no two days are the same. Whilst you’re working at camp, you will face challenges and experience so many happy occasions that there will never be another day like it. From winning your first colour war, to the day a homesick camper agrees that they will stay at camp, you will cherish every day and realise that the work you do does matter.

Top Tip...

Never say no. Camp will present so many opportunities to you and you want to take full advantage of them! This is what makes the memories and creates the bond that you have with your camp.

Rob's Typical Day



Our camp director BOOMS out of our numerous speakers around camp, announcing that it’s time for us all to wake up and get dressed!



Chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, bagels, the possibilities for breakfast are endless. We all pile in to our dining hall where we sit by bunk and wait for a counselor to collect our cart that contains are meal! If you kill it (take the last pancake), then be sure to fill it (go to the counter where we get more)!


Morning Service

Working at a Jewish camp meant that we had a morning service. This is when we would say some prayers in our outdoor sanctuary. However, it was more of a rock concert considering our song leaders would play guitars and drums during this!​


Clean Up

Back to the bunks we go to clean! We would often have a chart that gave everyone a different job to do to clean the bunk. This varied from being the DJ in the bunk to mopping the bathroom floor!​


First Activity

The first activity of the day could have been anything! It typically used to be some sports based activity that could range from tennis, basketball, soccer or archery! As a general counselor, we would participate in these activities and assist the specialists in any way they needed.


Second Activity

This would sometimes be a double of the activity that we had at the beginning of the day, or it would change to another sport based activity. It was also possible to be different activity like art or drama!​



One of the best things to look out for. On our way to the next activity, our leadership team are stationed at different parts of camp waiting to hand out snack to campers and counselors walking by!​



​This is when the campers get to choose which activity they go to. Some might be keen for our reading or running club, where others head down to the lake for water ski lessons!



Back in to the dining hall we go! Although it hasn’t been too long since we had snack, it is a great time to know you can eat again. Mac and Cheese, pizza bites, chicken dippers, the list is never ending! Of course, you are still making sure that your campers are eating healthy and that they are having their veggies!​


Rest Hour

​Time to relax and wind down? Think again. Campers have a lot of energy so you will either be playing card games with all of the campers on boy’s row, or you’ll be involved with the never-ending game of roof ball!


Third Activity

​Time to head to the pool. It’s a hot day, the lifeguards have decided it’s free play, so now is the time to get comfortable and hang around by the pool. Of course, they sometimes do an instructional lesson and we are expected to cheer on our campers and swim with them!


Fourth Activity

Having fried off from the pool and changed in to dry clothes, we would now head to our next activity. This would then be baseball, volleyball or dance! Again, we would walk with our campers to the location and join in with them!​


Fifth Activity

The last scheduled activity of the day should always be a relaxing one. Although it wasn’t this every day, we got to head down to our miniature zoo where we had puppies, pigs, chickens, sheep, snakes, hamsters, mice, a horse and two alpacas!


Shower Time

​5 campers, 4 counselors, 5 showers and 60 minutes. Although maths isn’t an activity at camp, we all know that this equation might lead to cold water by shower number 7. This is the time where everyone has a shower and gets ready for yet another meal! Brush your hair, have music playing and prepare for the evening programme!



​Just like other meals, there’s no predicting what could be on the menu. Sloppy Joe’s, Fajita night or maybe breakfast for dinner! We only know once we enter the dining hall! There’s also a separate window for anyone with allergies or specific dietary requirements.


Evening Programme

​Now this is when the general counselors get to create their own programme. This varies from a water fight, to minute games and so many different possibilities! It is the staff’s responsibility to make sure everyone is involved and having a great time


Back to the Bunk

It’s time to wind down for real now. It’s been a long day and usually we would have a night time ritual where we would play a small game/ have a discussion reflecting on our day.​


Lights Out

The day has been exhausting and its nearly time for you to get some rest. The last thing to do is to fill out a report about the day with your bunk to be handed in to your supervisor. Then, you get to close your eyes and dream of what the next day will bring.

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