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Round Lake - NJY Camps


Brendon is off to NJY Camps in Pennsylvania for his first summer as a general counsellor.

I am a 20-year-old currently living in Winchester but from Somerset. Currently studying as a physiotherapy student looking to become a physiotherapist after graduation. Also have a part time job as a bar back at on of the finest restaurant in Winchester known as the IVY Winchester Brasserie. As a first timer at camp, there are so much stuff I am looking forward to. I haven’t been fortunate enough to travel to the states, so this is a great opportunity for
me. Also as I have worked with children before this is something that I quite enjoy setting good examples to help with the children’s development. Looking forward to meeting so many new people that will soon be lifetime friends.
Learning is also one of my principles so it will be worthwhile learning about the American culture etc. After all the hard this will be a way of rewarding myself this summer and couldn’t think of anything better to do.

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