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London Recruitment Fair

In January we're bringing 65+ amazing camps from all over the USA to London to meet & hire staff for summer 2022!

How do I sign up?

REGISTER or LOG IN to your Camp America Account and SIGN UP to this event NOW!

If you've already been interviewed you can sign up via the homepage of your Online Account. Just click on the 'GET HIRED ON THE SPOT' button.

If you haven't submitted an application yet, it's a quick sign up and our 'Upcoming Events' will appear straight after selecting some skills and answering some Yes/No questions. SIMPLE!

Once you've signed up to this event, you'll be able to see your entrance time! 

How does it work?

This is your chance to... 

  • Meet the CA team & get your questions answered.
  • Find out more & fast track your application.
  • Meet camps face-to-face & get hired on the spot!
  • At a Recruitment Fair you can literally TURN UP, MEET THESE AMAZING CAMPS & GET HIRED! 

Who can I meet on the day?

We're bringing 65+ awesome camps from the USA to meet & hire people just like you! 

These camps are located in some of the best States in the USA! From New York & Boston to California & Florida - there's a camp and location to suit everyone. 

Come to the UK's BIGGEST summer camp Recruitment Fair for your chance to GET HIRED ON THE SPOT!

Camp America works with the most camps, so offer the most placements.

Camps attending this event

There are currently 75 camps attending London Recruitment Fair 2022 View camps

Event Date

22 Jan 2022 - 22 Jan 2022

Start time

Saturday 22nd January 2022 | Sign up to find out start times!

Event Location

Queen Elizabeth II Centre
Broad Sanctuary

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