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2019 Lifeguard Course Information 

Spend your summer soaking up the sun at the waterfront or pool as well as getting involved in loads of waterfront activities by becoming an ARC lifeguard!

Course Dates - TBC

 Our 2019 courses are currently being planned and we hope to have an update very soon! If you have any questions or would like to register your interest please contact Katie by email or on 0207 581 7357.

Further course information and FAQs can be found below and please click here for a detailed course outline including exactly what is expected of you to pass.


Why take the ARC course?

All camps need lifeguards! You’ll learn important skills such as First Aid, CPR, AED, how to respond in an emergency, lifeguard rescues (kinda like Baywatch) and how to work as a team! Some of these skills you’ll continue to use after camp and you can even use the qualification in other countries (sadly not in the UK) so if you are planning on taking a gap year you may be able to use this along the way! The course can be quite demanding but isn’t too difficult plus you’ll be having fun whilst learning new skills that will equip you for your job as a lifeguard at camp. 

About the Course...

The cost of the course is approximately £175 (TBC) and includes a combination of training online, in the pool and classroom, a pocket mask and CA lifeguard shirt to take with you to camp! A non-refundable deposit is required within one month of signing up and full payment must be received before the course start date. The course fee doesn’t include travel or accommodation but we will send you recommendations of places to stay and travel directions to each venue. We’ll also introduce you to others enrolled on the course so you can get to know each other before training and even plan your travel and accommodation together.

To register your interest or ask any questions regarding the ARC courses please contact Katie by email or on 0207 581 7357.



Returner & Interviewer

Best Job on Camp...

Summer 2017 will be my third year attending Summer Camp. Every year as well as Unit Leader, I am lifeguarding at the best location at camp, THE WATERFRONT!!! My Lifeguarding career started with Camp America attending the ARC Lifeguarding course. The course was amazing; it gave me an insight to what camp will be like. Now I am a Lifeguard instructor at my camp, this is an opportunity that all started with Camp America. Try Something new, your summer camp memories start here!!


Returner & Interviewer


Do I need any experience or qualifications? 

The answer is NO! 

So, if you’re looking to try something different or have always wanted to work as a lifeguard at camp then this is the perfect course for you! You don’t need any previous lifeguard or swimming certifications to complete the course, you simply have to be a good swimmer and pass the course pre-requisites detailed here. If you already have a lifeguarding qualification such as the Bronze Medallion or NPLQ, you'll find the ARC course teaches similar aspects of lifeguarding plus a few extra things that will enhance your skills and experience! 

What activities will I be involved in at camp?

Each waterfront at camp is different and you may find yourself working at a pool, lake or beach, the best place to spend those hot summer days! By completing the course you could also be involved in some amazing waterfront activities such as water-skiing, wakeboarding, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boarding, jet-skiing, huge inflatables (including a water trampoline), waterslides, swimming and more! 

Our Lifeguard Instructors..

Our Instructors are here to help you pass the course and become a confident lifeguard! They have all worked at camps in the USA - as lifeguards and on the waterfront, completed the ARC course themselves and then trained to become fully certified ARC Lifeguard Instructors so they know exactly what it’s like to take the course. They can help fully prepare you for working as a lifeguard at camp and share their real-life experience and maybe even some of their own camp stories!

If you have any questions or to register your interest please contact Katie, one of our Instructors by email




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