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Lifeguard Course Information 

Spend your summer soaking up the sun at the waterfront or pool as well as getting involved in loads of waterfront activities by becoming an ARC lifeguard! 

Why Take the Course?

Holding your American Red Cross (ARC) Lifeguard Certification puts you in high demand with our camps and we will GUARANTEE to find you a placement once you have successfully passed the course, as long as you meet our usual program requirements. This includes passing your Camp America interview, ensuring your availability date is 20th June or earlier and complying with our standard reference, medical and Police Check requirements*

The ARC Lifeguard certification is widely recognised across the US and regularly updated so you will receive training in the most effective lifeguarding techniques at present. Our Instructors have all been trained by the American Red Cross and have previously worked at summer camps in the US as lifeguards or in aquatic positions so are best placed to help you become a confident lifeguard! We also teach the additional Waterfront Certification, so you will be ready to guard on a lake/waterfront as well as at the pool.


Am I Right for This?

If you are looking to try something different or have always wanted to work as a lifeguard then this is the perfect course for you! You do not need to have any previous experience or qualifications to take part in the course, you just need to be a good swimmer and pass the course prerequisites detailed here. If you already have a lifeguarding qualification such as the Bronze Medallion or NPLQ you’ll find the ARC course teaches similar aspects of lifeguarding plus a few extra things that will enhance your skills and experience!


What Does the Course Involve?

During the course you will be taught to recognise and respond to aquatic emergencies and provide care when it’s needed most. This includes learning and practicing the safest rescue techniques, managing spinal emergencies, First Aid, CPR and AED use. Although this is an American certification these skills are not only useful at camp, they may help in an emergency at any point. The certification might also be useful if you plan to take a Gap Year afterwards.  

The course is a mixture of online, in person and practical training. Prior to the start of the course you will be sent an online module to complete, then you will spend four days training with our Instructors in the classroom and pool. On day one you will be required to demonstrate a number of swimming skills which must be successfully completed to continue, see detailed information here. If you are a confident swimmer and make sure to practice before the course then these should be easily achievable.


Course Information

The cost of the course is £175. This includes a pocket CPR mask and a CA lifeguard shirt for you to use in your role at camp. A non-refundable deposit of £30 is required within a week of signing up for the course and full payment must be received at least two weeks before the course start date. The course fee does not include travel or accommodation, but we will send you recommendations of places to stay and travel directions to each venue. We will also introduce you to others enrolled on the course so you can get to know each other before training and even plan your travel and accommodation together.


   If you have any questions or to register your interest please contact Katie one of our Instructors by email or on 0207 581 7357.

*Further course information can be found here, including a detailed course outline, exactly what is expected of you to pass and further information on guaranteed placements.



Returner & Interviewer

Best Job on Camp...

Summer 2017 will be my third year attending Summer Camp. Every year as well as Unit Leader, I am lifeguarding at the best location at camp, THE WATERFRONT!!! My Lifeguarding career started with Camp America attending the ARC Lifeguarding course. The course was amazing; it gave me an insight to what camp will be like. Now I am a Lifeguard instructor at my camp, this is an opportunity that all started with Camp America. Try Something new, your summer camp memories start here!!


Returner & Interviewer

If you have any questions about our courses please contact Katie by email or on 0207 581 7357.

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