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"Random updates on everything & Mango Madness" by Louise Folena

By Camp America on 06/07/2015

Yesterday, we were cleaning and getting ready for more campers to arrive. Getting the girls to start cleaning was a challenge but they seemed...

Hello everyone, here’s just some random stuff that I though I’d chat about:

Being in America on the 4th of July ’15 doing Camp America was amazing!! I know I’m British but I enjoyed celebrating America’s Independence Day so much! I hope everyone else had a great Forth of July! :)

Yesterday, we were cleaning and getting ready for more campers to arrive. Getting the girls to start cleaning was a challenge but they seemed to have go into it now and they did a great job. The new girls are lovely.

Also, it was pay day a few days ago! YAYYYY! Getting my first paycheck was exciting! :-) 
All of the staff have ‘Secret Buddies’. So it’s kinda like ‘Secret Santa’ but instead we give gifts to each other throughout the whole summer and then reveal ourselves at the end of the summer. This is a super fun thing to do as I love receiving secret buddy gifts but I’m running out of ideas of what to give my secret buddy so if anyone has any cool ideas then let me know. Thanks! 

Every night at camp we do ‘All Camp’, this is basically an activity where all of camp get together to do something together, such as ‘human battleships’ and ‘capture the flag’. These activities are always pretty fun. Last Tuesday night, we did mango madness. For this all camp, during lunch that day, one of the leaders announce to everyone in the dining hall that there’s ‘mangos’ in the staff lounge for all the staff to eat. (This is actually a lie; there’s no mangos there). So all of the staff act really excitedly about this and talk to the campers about how excited they are to eat the mangos. So all day after the lunch, the staff keep talking about these ‘mangos’ and how many they’ve eaten ect ect. But then as it gets closer to dinner time and during dinner, all of the staff that have ‘eaten the mangos’ start to feel really ‘unwell’ and start doing some really bizarre stuff. Partway through dinner the staff who have eaten mangos leave ‘to go and lie down’ as they feel ‘unwell’. Actually, what is happening now is they are transforming into a character (for example, Harry Potter, Superman, Elsa) and the campers get told that the only way to cure them is to get them to jump into the lake. So the children have to do different things depending on the character. For example, for superman, they had to find their cape and then guide them to the lake. Once the characters have jumped into the lake, they return to their normal selves and claim that they don’t remember a thing about what just happened. They kids love this all camp so much and they all really get into it.

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, well done you! That look forever and ten days to write and I haven’t proof read it so not sure if it makes sense, but I’m going now!

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