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Camp America in 30 GIFs.

By Camp America on 26/10/2016

Brad from has been to camp for two years and understands the struggles of returning from camp. He gave us all the feels with his post 'Camp America in 30 GIFs' and so we had to share it with you! From the initial application, to returning home, Brad has it pretty spot on. So check out Camp America in 30 GIFs.

1. You hear about Camp America for the first time

2. You start your application

3.  Trying to discuss your skills

4. Finding out you passed the first interview

5. You wait for a camp to contact you

6. You receive an email notification 

7. A camp has found you

8. Telling yourself you got this, dawg.

9. The camp interview, basically

10. Congratulations, you’re placed!

11. Your mother finds out you’re going away for 3 months

12. Telling your friends

13. Counting down the days until camp. Oh.

14. Realising you’re going away for three months…

15. Trying to pack your life into a suitcase…

16. Saying goodbye to the parents

17. Arriving in the U.S.A

18. Seeing camp for the first time…

19. The first trip to Wal-Mart

20. Orientation

21. Realising the kids arrive tomorrow…

22. Arrival Day

23. Day 2 of Camp

24. Realising camp is actually the best place ever, despite the exhaustion 

And that you never want to leave…

25. But you do have to leave

26. But then you get to Travel and have more fun

27. And then you have to go home

28. And the Camp Blues begin

29. Your family and friends get tired of hearing about camp…

30. Which can only mean one thing…you go back




Brad is from Liverpool and has completed the Camp America programme twice. First in 2014 working as a general counsellor for a Special Needs Camp in upstate New York and most recently, as a senior counsellor / lifeguard at a Christian Camp in Long Island, New York. Check out the original post on Brad's blog or follow him on twitter!





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