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5 reasons why a summer at home was way better than one at camp...

By Camp America on 13/10/2020

Summer 2020 may not have gone to plan but admit it, it was 1000x better than the summer you once imagined it to be…

  1. 100s of new friends could’ve been made, but you stuck with the familiar ones on a screen.

  2. New activities were waiting to be tried, but the most activity you had was picking up the remote to switch to a new series on Netflix.

  3. Forget waiting in line for the next big ride at Disney; the most adrenaline filled wait you had was waiting your turn outside the local supermarket

  4. Could’ve had a summer of new outfits, yet you’ve been wearing the same few pieces of loungewear for the past few months. 

  5. No need to stay up late enjoying all the fun evening activities, 10pm curfews had you in bed watching said series, in said loungewear.

    We’re joking, we absolutely hated it. Summer 2021, it’s on! 

    Make summer 2021 one to remember (for all the right reasons)

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