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10 Reasons Why Camp America Is Your One True Love!

By Camp America on 13/02/2015

There’s no love quite like the love you feel for camp. So let’s take a minute to reminisce about the sweet summer we spent together and all the fun we had…

1. It welcomes you back after 9 months apart without any questions asked. And when you’re reunited it’s like you were never apart!

2. It likes you for YOU and wouldn’t change a thing! It doesn’t mind where you’re from and will let you be whoever you want to be.

3. It doesn’t care what you look like. In fact it encourages you to embrace comfort - pyjama bottoms, trackies, vests & crocs are all acceptable attire. It even digs that tie-dye t-shirt you made!

4. It doesn’t judge you for not showering. A quick dip in the lake or pool is more than enough. It kind of likes you grubby!

5. It doesn’t get embarrassed by you. In fact the more bonkers you behave the happier it is!

6. It doesn’t care what you eat. It serves you donuts for breakfast and thinks that peanut butter jelly sandwiches are the perfect side for ANY dish!

7. It doesn’t care about table manners. Cutlery is so overrated and eating without using your hands is actually a fun alternative!

8. Table conversation is never awkward. Chanting, singing, shouting & cheering is a rite of passage at meal times - in fact the noisier you are the more it likes you!

9. It wants you to feel the love, with beautiful sunny days, starlit night skies and sunsets on the lake. It’s a pretty special place that you’ll never forget!

10. It doesn’t expect you to be exclusive. It knows it’s just a summer thing! It hopes you’ll come back one day, but if you don’t, it knows it’ll be forever in your heart!

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