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10 Instagram accounts to show you what camp life is REALLY like!

By Camp America on 13/06/2017

Wondering if camp really looks like it does on the Parent Trap, or whether most counsellors spend their days singing songs and wearing fancy dress? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Check out these awesome Instagram accounts from some of our Story Tellers of 2017 to satisfy all of your camp questions!

They’ll be documenting their time in the US all summer, so follow them to stay tuned on their adventure of a lifetime! Whether you’re waiting to head out to camp, a reminiscent returner or ready to apply next year, there’s definitely an account for you. 

1) Always wanted to join the circus? 

Follow @katieappleby23 as a dance and digital arts counsellor at Independent Lake Camp!

2) Interested in working at a special needs camp? 

@bethsargo is loving life at Camp Merry Heart this summer as a Special Needs Counsellor!

3) If you love the outdoors...

Stay tuned by following @scott_clarkson on his camp adventure as he spends his time at the lake, in the air and behind the camera!

4) Dreaming of an amazing sunset..?

James regularly posts awesome photos of his picturesque camp that'll make you want to hop on a plane today! You can follow him at @mountain_shack!

5) Want to work on a girl-scout camp..

Find out how great it is to live a little rustic like @ellethorpe and experience all the outdoors has the offer! 

6) Do you love being on stage..

Follow @nathwr as he ventures to Florida to be a Drama Counsellor this summer! 

7) If photography is your forte..

You need to check out @lelewing account for some epic camp shots!

8) Are you into all things artsy?

@annaaahurst takes the kind of insta-worthy photos we only wish we could take! 

9) Is Fitness your thing?

Follow @marniefit as a Fitness Instructor at Camp Modin this summer! 

10) Wondering what it's like to work on a day camp?

@lewispaulfrank is the one to follow! Stay tuned to find out all about being a general counsellor!

Want to find out more about our Story Tellers this summer? Click here and follow their journeys! 

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