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Who are Active Leaders?

Active Leaders was founded in 2015 by Penny Snowden, who has an extensive background in the sporting industry. Penny began her career as a PE teacher, she then went on to work for the IAAF for 10 years before joining a sports marketing agency which grew to become one of the top 4 in the world. This all came after she spent a summer whilst at college working on a summer camp in Chicago! Her experiences, coupled with her desire to help young people (a mother of two) have more access to sport and activity following their secondary school exams, led to the creation of Active Leaders.

After researching many options, it became clear to Penny that there was a lack of cost effective multi-sport courses or programmes for the 15+ age group. Penny used her 35 years’ worth of connections in sports marketing and events to establish a curriculum, create a workbook/resources and set up a pilot scheme for the first Active Leaders course. The pilot scheme ran in August 2016 at Star Hotshots multi activity camp in Berkshire and was supported by the Youth Sport Trust. After its success, Active Leaders commenced its roll out as a national programme and is now offering courses in different geographic locations. You can read more about the company and their courses here.

What do Active Leaders offer?

Active Leaders is aimed at anyone aged 15+. It uses the delivery of sporting activities to children as a means of learning and practicing responsibility, leadership and skills relevant to employment. It requires no pre-qualifications to participate – only a willingness to join in. It is delivered over one week or can be split into a series of modules. It is fun, social and interactive.

The courses are delivered by experienced professionals who are committed to high standards and nurturing young people's development. The aim is to offer courses close to home, making participation as easy as possible for parents and simple for everyone to take part. A crucial component is the pathway offered beyond the training.  This is where the partnership with Camp America is so important and provides wonderful aspiration for trained Active Leaders beyond the shores of the UK, once they turn 18. The Active Leader Association is the network all trained Active Leaders automatically join on completion of the Active Leader course. It offers on-going dialogue, resources, pathways, advice and further opportunities.

Where do Camp America come in?

The ethos of the Active Leaders course very much mirrors the underpinning skills participants gain through the Camp America programme. At Camp America, we know that when young people work at camp they gain a wide range of skills that we feel helps them develop as a person and gives them a great platform to succeed in later life. If you're reading this, you've probably taken part or been involved with Camp America at some point. You will understand how beneficial the programme can be and therefore we want to support Active Leaders as we believe in giving young people opportunities to succeed in life.

The Background: Camp America recognises the merits of the Active Leaders course and is committed to supporting its mission as it gives young people gain the necessary interpersonal and employable skills to take part in the Camp America programme and for future employment. We believe in providing more opportunities for young people to develop their skills, interests and qualifications, Active Leaders offers just that.

Supporting Young-People: Active Leaders teaches planning, communication, organisation, motivation, evaluation, nurtures self-confidence and includes hands-on experience. Specific to working with children in an activity setting, the course includes basic safeguarding, first aid and risk management. Whatever future career these young people are looking for, whether it's in sport/leisure or a different field, the skills gained by training as an Active Leader and by working at camp in the summer, give them the foundations to succeed.

Promoting Active Lifestyles: ​Both Camp America and Active Leaders have a passion for helping more children taking part in physical activity. We also believe in young people gaining more employment opportunities and building a strong skill set. The Active Leaders course and summers spent with Camp America help young people build physical and mental strength, develop interpersonal skills and all-round well-being.

How can you get involved? 

If you like the sound of Active Leaders, there are number of different ways you can get involved. Check them out below and if any of them appeal to you then contact them through their website.


Would you like to host an Active Leaders course or courses (eg if you are a teacher in a school, work in a leisure facility or youth group etc. – basically anywhere there is indoor and outdoor space, and a group of children under supervision who the trainees can practice with) ?


Would you like to help Active Leaders deliver courses (by becoming an accredited trainer)?


Would you like to help marketing the Active Leaders course to teenagers (would your own children like to enroll on a course)?​


Would you like to be involved in other ways (finding pathway opportunities, companies who can support bursary schemes, promotion and advertising, etc.)?


Penny Snowden

Active Leaders Founder

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“I want to help young people on their journey from education to employment, give them something new to talk about and help them see how being active, and helping others to do so, is of such great importance to their future health, well-being and employability.”

Penny Snowden

Active Leaders Founder

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