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Marketing Coordinator

Jimmy's Experience

"Applying with Camp America is the most valuable and unique experience I've had in my life to date. For me, the service and support that they give you to get you to camp is awesome. I kind of went through the process not really knowing what I was doing or what to expect but I didn't need to worry because Camp America were there to keep me going the whole time. I've spent 3 summers at 2 different camps and each time I learnt loads of new things, had an amazing time and met loads of quality new mates that proves to me it's more than worth it!" 


Marketing Coordinator

Where do your payments go...

We want to make sure there are no hidden costs and that you understand exactly how much you will need to pay to take part in the programme. That's why we explain to you all the payments you'll be required to make to Camp America plus any other third party costs to other companies.

Camp America Fees

The fees that add up for the Camp America part cover your interview, application processing, placement, airport taxes and flight package. This money is all recorded on your online account and will be paid in instalments. You will not be required to pay each instalment until your application is at the relevant stage. For example, you will not pay your medical insurance/airport taxes until we've found you a placement. If we are unable to find you a place at camp, then your Camp America fees will be refunded.

DBS/Police Check

Everyone applying for the programme must have a new police check certificate approved in order to be Placed. The payment for the police check goes directly to the relevant authority that issues your certificate and is not a fee that Camp America keeps. As part of your application fees to Camp America we will give you the relevant support and instructions to get your police check complete.

US Embassy/Visa Fee

The payment for your visa to work at camp will be made at the time you book your appointment and will go directly to the US Embassy only. Every participant on the programme (unless you're a US passport holder) will need to be granted a J-1 Visa and Camp America do not issue the fee for this nor do we keep that payment. Part of the fees you do pay to Camp America will be for our continued support and advice throughout the visa process.

Medical Form

Your medical form needs to be completed by your local GP/Doctor/Physician before you depart for camp. Once you're placed you will be given access to the medical form and it is your responsibility to get it completed in time. In our experience some surgeries will charge a small amount to complete the form and some will do it free of charge. As this is the case, this is not controlled or payment took by Camp America.

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