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What is a Recruitment Fair?

It's your chance to come and meet hundreds of Camp Directors from the USA, find out about the camps and the roles that they are hiring for and potentially get your Camp America summer sorted in a single day!


Each January/February we fly 200+ camps over from the USA to come and meet our applicants. We have different events around the UK so you can come and check out the camps on offer and hopefully leave with a placement sorted for the summer!


Before the Recruitment Fairs we will publish a list on our website of the camps that are attending and what positions they’re hiring for. This will help you figure out which camps you are going to be most suited to, so you can speak to them first!


On the day the Camp Directors will want to see your Camp America application, so make sure you complete it beforehand and bring a printed copy with you. We also recommend you bring along any other items that will support your application such as certificates or proof of your skills!


On your way into the Recruitment Fair, the Camp America team will be on hand to give you lots more info about the event so you enter fully prepared and excited! We’ll also give you a map of the event layout, so you can easily find the camps that you want to talk to.


If a camp wants to hire you, you’ll agree on a suitable role, your start date and the amount of pocket money you’ll get paid. This means you’ll leave that day knowing exactly where you are going and what you’re going to be doing on camp over the summer!


These events are a lot of fun, very exciting and hugely popular - so we get thousands of applicants attending! So if you’re interested in finding out more about these events, make sure you Register with us if you haven’t already so we can keep you updated!

How to be successful at a Recruitment Fair!

As mentioned above, these events are very popular! So to give yourself the best chance of finding your perfect camp at a Recruitment Fair, follow these simple tips...

Get there early!

These events attract thousands of applicants so you want to get there as early as you can! Whilst everyone will get in and get to see the camps, the quicker you get in, the more placements they'll be to choose from!

Get interviewed before the day!

Attending your Camp America interview before the day means you will get into the event quicker and will massively help your placement chances. There will be two queues outside and the one for interviewed people generally moves quicker so you'll get to see the camps sooner! It will also help you show to the camps that you're fully prepared and ready for the programme.

Do your research!

The more prepared you are for the day the more successful you will be. Check out the camps who are coming and make a list of who you want to chat to so when you get inside you know exactly what you're doing.

Be confident & sell yourself!

Camp Directors are going to speak to a lot of applicants on these days, therefore you need to stand out! They'll likely conduct a mini interview with you, so you need to approach each of them with confidence and a big smile! You want to make sure they remember you over everyone else so make an impression! Make sure they know why they should hire you over everyone else!



Past Participant

Hannah's Advice...

Going to a Recruitment Fair is the best way to get the camp YOU want! It's also a brilliant way to sort out your summer in one day. I did lots of research before attending to make sure I knew which camps I wanted to speak to. I got the camp I wanted, so I'd definitely recommend going.


Past Participant

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