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St Crispins Episcopal Conference Center

Co-ed camp
Address: 36302 State Highway 9, Wewoka, Oklahoma 74884
State: Oklahoma


Campers: 55

Camp: Residential

Accommodation: Cabins


Total staff: 16

Minimum staff age: 18

Number of international staff: 3-5

Start date


End date


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St. Crispin’s is an Episcopal (Anglican) Christian camp that runs weeklong sessions for campers ages 9-18 (each week a different age group), plus a two-day/one-night experience for 6-8 year olds with a parent. Campers live in gendered cabin groups of 10 with two resident Summer Staff (18-21 year olds). Campers participate in games, songs, small groups, and activities (archery, arts & crafts, canoeing, swimming, slingshots, group games, ropes course, and more) all led by the Summer Staff. St. Crispin’s aims for all campers to experience belonging, acceptance, and value at Camp. Through such an experience and the relationships they build, we hope campers experience God, faith, and religion in a real, relatable, and authentic way.


Sessions run Sunday-Saturday. Staff are off beginning Saturday afternoon after cleanup until Sunday afternoon for pre-camper-arrival preparations. Additionally, about every other night staff get an hour or two of personal time. Also, staff are scheduled for two days off spread out through the summer. These "days" run from 8am until about 10pm. During off time, staff may stay on site or leave.


Positive attitude, initiative, willingness to participate in new things, strong work ethic, servant's heart, good judgment, enthusiasm, can laugh, ability to work as member of team.

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