How far is the embassy from Kings Cross including fairs?

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by Hannah5410 » 22 Mar 2007, 12:51

Oh...yeah, you're right... if you book it in advance then you normally have to go on the train that you're booked for... although if you ring up the trainline they might be able to help you. cos normally if you want to be able to get on any train the return ticket will probably cost around £40 (that's with a young persons railcard) might be worth ringing them up and finding out though xxx
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by Tom0937 » 22 Mar 2007, 13:11

cheers Hannah, you study at Leeds right? You at the radio 1 night tonight at Oceana? If not what other places you venture into? I tend to be in the Drydock most of the week after lectures and such
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by Hannah5410 » 22 Mar 2007, 14:32

unfortunately not no.... i have very very little money at the moment! plus i'm going home tomorrow morning for easter so got lots to sort out. go to oceana quite a bit though normally, mission, rehab, baja. tend to go just into headingley quite a bit as well. drydocks good on a tuesday, cos its so cheap! x
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by Craig1585 » 23 Mar 2007, 15:19

I was there yesterday. its a joke!

i got there thirty minutes before my interview was meant to be, but people behind me who had turned up late for theres still got to go before me, despite them being late :x

was not impressed. was there for three hours yesterday but i consiered myself lucky as there was a girl there who had been there five hours, and a bloke sat in fornt of me who had been there 2 hours before i had even entered, and was still there when i left! we had a laugh though.

as for travelling i found it better to walk up from hyde park corner, it took me ten minutes from there and allowed me to find the rest of my bearings so i would not get lost as soon as i came out! if you are going with some one tell them to go to oxford street shopping, its ace! and easy to find from the embassy, staraight over the park and walk up duke street.

ding dang good!
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by Nikola9449 » 03 Apr 2007, 12:58

Hey guys. im travelling from leeds to london on 18th for my embassy meeting. is anyone else doing the same?
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by Martin8097 » 08 Mar 2008, 01:06

Book online with national express... im sure you can get funfair at certain times for like £4-£8 return from leeds to london.
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